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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Lipstick Queen - Bete Noire Collection

I always love starting off the new year with a new collection from Lipstick Queen, and luckily the collections from Poppy King rarely disappoint.  When I found out there was a new "dark" collection coming, my little heart went pitty-pat, for Saint Wine is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks of all time, as regular readers might remember ...

Housed in a pretty purple square, case - hinting at the shades of blackberry within - the Bete Noire collection comes in a dark-leopard skin box, both things setting them slightly apart from the other collections. The shades are:

(L-R) Possessed Intense, Possessed Metal, and Possessed Sheer.  Essentially, you have one shade in three different formats, a deeper, more opaque shade, a shimmering metallic, and a sheer, but still pigmented colour too.

Seriously, is there anything nicer than a collection of untouched lipstick bullets?

Let's take a look at how they swatch:

Intense is a rich dark purple.  Metallic has a slightly browner cast, and Sheer is a less dark purple version of Intense, much as you would expect.

I'd say that they were a slightly bluer version of Wine, blackberries, and black cherries rather than black grape juice.  Wine is slightly browner on the skin to me, but I'll do a comparison post on these soon.

Here's how they look on the lips:


It covers well, and is glossy on the lips, not as matte as the Sinner formulation for Lipstick Queen.  It lasts well, but you will get the ring of doom.  There's no staining though!


Slightly more matte than the Intense version, this has slightly better lasting powers too.  But the drier formulation means that you can get a bit of staining.  I didn't find this too sparkly in wear, but it is a bit darker than Intense.


Probably my favourite of the three, Sheer is great for adding a bit of colour, and a slight hint of drama without looking like fancy dress.  Cooler than Saint Wine, it's perfect for winter.

Lipstick Queen Bete Noire launches at SpaceNK very soon, and the lipsticks will cost £28 each.

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  1. I love the look of the sheer formula. I've only recently got into Lipstick Queen again after a bad experience with the Sinner formulation (I tried three of them and they all were gritty and horrible to apply). I would love to try this out as I'm loving darker lip colours right now.
    Ting | The Ting Thing

    1. The sinner formulation is packed full with shea butter, which is why it always seems a bit gritty - it solidifies into bubbles - but they are very nourishing as a result. I do know what you mean though, they're not the prettiest of formulas in the bullet.

  2. Safe from me!!! Colours are completely wrong!!!

  3. I'm also not a fan of the Sinner texture - I only have one but it's too thick and gritty for me. I might have a look at the Sheer one soon, it looks lovely on you and I'm too much of a lippy-wimp for the Intense version.

    1. Would love to see it on you! I do love the sheerer LQ formulations, it's great that they still have good pigmentation in spite of being so lovely and glossy.

  4. I just got the Possessed Intense shade in the mail today and I love the color, but I found that it has a tendency to go on a bit uneven. I can fix this issue with a lip brush but it still bothers me a bit... kinda wish I got the sheer shade!

    1. Oh no! I didn't notice that when I've worn it - a lip brush will help, but it is annoying, I agree.


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