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Friday 23 January 2015

Clinique Chubby Sculpting Sticks in Curvy Contour and Hefty Highlight

Just a week after I featured one simple contour kit (with an unfortunate typo) along comes another, even simpler, one from Clinique.  Another extension to the astonishingly successful Chubby Stick range, this features one contour crayon, and one highlighter and is easy enough even for the most cack-handedly muppety of us.

Really, it's almost insultingly simple to use - draw a dark line where you want a shadow (underneath your cheekbone), a light line where you want to highlight (above your cheekbone), and blend away until only a subtle shading remains.

Even I can do it.  But, apparently drawing lines a la Adam Ant circa 1982 and humming Ant Music under your breath is completely optional whilst applying.  If you do go the unorthodox route, can I suggest you lock your bathroom door?  No reason.

Unblended, you can see you have a slightly reddish brown contour, and a pale champagne highlight shade, and I imagine they will work on all but the darkest of skins.

I applied rather too much of the Curvy Contour as you can no doubt tell - I'd probably applied enough for about four faces, and could possibly have contoured all the residents of Lippie Mansions should I have had the desire.  Which I didn't, and let's all be thankful for that - but the colours blend well, and even after a (literally) ten second application process this morning even *I* could pretend I had cheekbones.

All this brings me to the price, the Chubby Sculpting Sticks  in Curvy Contour and Hefty Highlight are £19. Each.  Which is £38 for the set*.  Which is, if you ask me, far too expensive.  Even the Laura Mercier kit which comes with "amusing" typos, and five colours is cheaper at £35.  The Chubby sticks are drier in texture, and you do get more product, and they are almost entirely foolproof (and I'm just the fool to prove it, believe me) but ... the price for the both gives me the heebie jeebies.  Hopefully there will be an offer which gives you a discount for buying both at the same time, but to be honest, you could use any highlighter you like with the contour crayon.

So, how committed to contouring are you?

* I'm an accountant.  Maths is totally my jam, bitches.

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  1. Wow £38 for the set? That is expensive! Especially for a creamy product that I find will go off before powders do. Lovely contour shade though so I'd probably just get that to try.
    Ting | The Ting Thing

  2. That contour looks way too warm and orange to me. Not tempted by these.

  3. I'm not really tempted by these at the price. They should offer a mini-set of smaller versions of the product for £20, then I might have a go.


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