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Sunday 4 May 2014

Nikki Lissoni

By Get Lippie

We like a bit of bling here at Get Lippie, and Nikki Lissoni is a brand of mix and match jewellery that we were introduced to recently.  Now, anyone who knows the story of how I ended up with an accidental collection of FIVE engagement rings (chronicled here, and here) knows that I'm both a bit of a magpie, and that I am cursed with obsessive-compulsive collecting tendencies, so a new range of collectible jewellery?  Oh, I am SO in.

The Nikki Lissoni range is quite simple, it is essentially a collection of coins, which you use to accessorise a range of coin holders, either in necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.  All the coins come in silver, yellow and rose gold, as do the coin holders and chains.  So you can have a yellow-gold coin in a silver surround on a rose-gold chain if you wanted to, or go slightly more restrained with  a more monochrome look.  I am not generally known for my restraint, so I picked a silver chain with a silver coin and a rose gold surround.

The lockets open a bit like a pocket watch, allowing for really easy swapping of coins, but they feel very secure in wear too - I've barely taken mine off since I got it, and it's never yet fallen open. 

There are three sizes of coins, what you're seeing here is a medium silver (it's around the size of a £2 coin) tribal heart piece. The large size is perfect for a big statement piece, and the smaller is lovely for something more discreet.   

As well as silver, gold and rose gold, there is also a selection of swarovski crystal coins, and some natural gemstone coins too.  What follows is just a small selection of the Nikki Lissoni collection which is currently available:


See anything that catches your eye?  Me, I'm gonna be picking myself up a swarovski-encrusted pendant and coin ASAP. Prices are extremely reasonable, beginning at around £20 or so.  You can find Nikki Lissoni jewellery online, or at independent jewellers around the country.

The Fine Print: The Tribal Heart necklace featured in this post was a press sample.

Also: Pictures for this post were taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 lent to me by Microsoft.

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  1. Do you know by any chance if they ship to the US? I could love to get some of their pieces! Thanks for this post!

  2. Hi Sherry! Nikki Lissoni has several stockists in the US. You might check for all stockists worldwide. Otherwise you can also check Good luck!

  3. Yes you can go online or ask your jeweler


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