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Thursday 1 August 2013

Sneak Peek! QVC TSV 02/08: Ego Boost Pod

I love a TSV, don't you?  And I love beautiful packaging too, luckily for me the Ego Boost Pod is both.  What's an Ego Boost Pod? I hear you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  It is, essentially, a set of heated rollers, but with a bit of a difference, one not limited to the lovely package.

Inside the box is a "pod", a set of 14 rollers, and clips to hold them in your hair.  They're extremely simple to use - you just pop a roller into the pod, wait till it beeps (it'll take just four seconds), then roll it into position in your hair.  Then you simply pop another roller into the pod to heat up, and repeat until you're done. You can get all of them both heated up, and into position in about five minutes, or even less if you've already combed and sectioned your hair ready to go.

Best of all the rollers don't burn your fingers! The heat is on a bit of a delay, so they only really start warming up once they're already in position, very handy if, like me, you're a bit of a cack-handed muppet.  You take them out once they're cooled (which takes about 15-20 minutes), brush through, and presto! Lovely hair.  I've tried them out a few times this week, and my hair has been great, full of body and bounce, and not having to wait for the rollers to heat up has been a blessing.

The pod is a beautifully designed bit of kit, I especially adore the way the back of the pod pops out to give you somewhere to store the cable - so useful! Hey, I'm easily pleased.  It means you can keep it out on your dressing table without having a tangle of messy wires all over the place.  I have an Ego hairdryer which has been going strong for nearly five years now, they're a company I like (well, I'm a big fan of burgundy, I would).  Whilst I'd say the purchase price was high, on a cost per use basis, they're as cheap as chips if the use I get from my hairdryer is anything to go by ... one handy hint though, you will need some extra rollers if you have a lot of hair, so if you get a chance to buy some supplemental roller packs, do so.

The Ego Boost Pod set of heated rollers will normally retail  on QVC at £120, but on Friday 2nd August, it will be the Today's Special Value on the channel where you will get the pod, alongside fourteen rollers alongside clips, for an extra-special price - look out for it!  EDIT: Today's price is only £99.99, and is available on Easy Pay for three instalments of £33.33.

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