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Monday 12 August 2013

Lancome Rouge in Love - 379N Rose Sulfureuse

I've been sorting through my lipstick collection a bit recently, trying to find the best colours to "match" my new palette, and I realised that I didn't have any really deep but still cool purple shades.  I have SO many burgundy and wine shades, in a variety of textures, but I wanted to explore some cooler shades.  I'm short on plums for some reason, and, well, we are heading into autumn.  Shush, autumn is by far my favourite time of year.

On my way through Debenhams, I did a quick smash and grab at the Lancome counter, and this colour caught my eye.  I've only tried a lipgloss from the range previously, and, whilst I liked the packaging, I wasn't particularly wowed by the formula (or the colour), so haven't really written about the "Rouge in Love" range before.

The packaging is on the dinky side, being slightly smaller than the average  lipstick casing, but there is still a full-size bullet in there which is nice (particularly as this has a £21 price tag).  Billed as a hydrating formula with a six hour wear time, it's a very traditional kind of lipstick, completely in keeping with the slightly retro-feeling case.

It looks rather matte in the bullet, but this is misleading. It's actually a lovely, glossy shade of plum. not quite as dark as it appears here:

I don't think it does last quite as long as six hours on the lips because of the glossy formulation. Certainly, if you eat or drink something you'll have to top-up quicksmart, but it's an average-lasting shade, and it very definitely delivers on the hydration feeling both cushion-y and rather balm-y, and it has excellent pigmentation.  It doesn't, however, stain the lips at all.  Once the gloss is gone, the lipstick's gone completely, I found.

It's a glorious deep, cool raspberry shade on the lips.   Not quite as "milky" as my camera is making it appear here (it's definitely closer to the hand swatch colour, for some reason), it's definitely a statement shade, without being too "vampy".  The formulation is easy to wear - the press bumpf mentions "feather-lightness", and for once, I'm inclined to agree.  It doesn't last quite as long as you'd expect from the box, and the advertising materials, but reapplying is a pleasure.

Overall, I definitely prefer the Rouge in Love over the Gloss in Love formula (though I adore the unusual "click it" opening for Gloss in Love), and I'm delighted with this shade.  After a couple of weeks of £30+ lipsticks on the blog, £21 is beginning to seem positively mid-range ... I need to investigate some mega-cheap makeup soon, I think!

The Fine Print: Purchase.
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  1. I'm loving purple shades of lipstick right now this one is stunning


  2. That is such a rich and beautiful colour. I personally am not a fan of lippies in gloss. I prefer a matte look but this is making me think otherwise!

    1. Oh, I do like a glossy lip, and this one is lovely and pigmented, which is great.

      I do like a matte lip too. I'm fairly easy-going, really ;)


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