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Monday 5 August 2013

Guerlain Christmas 2013 - Nail Polish 861 Sulfurous & UV Topcoat

This year's Christmas Collection from Guerlain is a little departure from the classic Guerlain designs. Taking its theme as "Crazy Paris", it's a celebration of colour inspired by the sights and sounds of the brand's home city. Packaged in shiny black accented with glints of neon pink, it consists of an eyeshadow palette, a nail polish and top coat, a new Rouge G, a Rouge Automatic, the iconic Meterorites perles, a perfumed shimmer powder (this year in La Petite Robe Noire), and two new pressed powders one a bronzer, and one pressed Meteorites.  I'm loving the black and the pink (in the most part), but how do the products stack up?

 Well, I have a selection of them here, and I'll be showcasing the collection throughout the week, starting today with the "black without black" nail polish: Sulfurous (£18).

I love this colour, it's a deep, dark grey, with hints of brown but there's a beautiful hint of violet and pink in there too. Whilst it is deep, you could consider the shade almost a neutral.  In some lights it is brown, others it's a grey, and in yet others it could be considered a purple, it's a very complex, and rather beautiful colour, I like it a great deal.

The pictures in this post show the shade after three days of wear, and I have to admit I've been impressed with how it's worn so far.  I was a little sceptical when Guerlain announced their entry into nailcare, but on the evidence of this polish, and the other one I've had to test recently, I have to admit my cynicism was a little misplaced.

The collection also comes with a UV topcoat (£18), which has three main functions.  One, as a glossy topcoat, obvs. Two, if you wear it on bare nails, the slight purple tones will have a whitening effect on any staining, or yellowness,and thirdly, it'll also glow under ultra violet light!  Now, I can't even remember the last time I went near a UV light, and I doubt I'll be near one in the near future either unless I buy an aquarium ... however, it's a good very glossy (albeit slightly on the gloopy side) topcoat, which really does seem to protect the polish it's covering.  It's not particularly quick-drying though, beware!

The "Crazy Paris" Christmas collection from Guerlain will launch on November 1st.

Back tomorrow with more of the collection ... 

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