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Monday 4 February 2013

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine - Quiver

Oh, be still my beating heart, a new collection of glossy lipsticks from Tom Ford?  Oh, I am IN!

There are ten shades in the new range of Lip Colour Shines from Tom Ford, ranging from bright scarlet, all the way through to nudes (Tom does like his nude shades, eh?), in a brand new, soft and glossy formula. I was lucky enough to get hold of a sample of Quiver, which is a pretty pink, and is the shade on the far left in the picture above.  Let's get on with the review, shall we?

Packaging is in the now signature laquered brown, with gold accents, but the casing is somewhat thinner and elongated in comparion to the original lipsticks:

Indian Rose, on the right there, is probably my most-used Tom Ford Lipstick, as you can probably tell from the slight wear and tear on the gold edging there.  A couple of years in my makeup bag will do that to you.

Anyhoo, the softer, glossier texture means that you miss out on the embossed Tom Ford logo (shown here on my least-used Tom Ford lipstick, Wild Coral, a shade I adore, but that has a tendency to wear me), but I'm assured that the formula contains many of the same ingredients as the main line.  Personally, I find it a little more scented than the lipsticks proper (it's very definitely more vanilla-based, if you ask me), but it feels soft and quite balm-y in wear.

Quiver is actually a soft, baby pink.  It's quite neutral, meaning it can look either blue-based or orange-based depending on the lighting conditions.  I like it a lot.

These have a sheer, but not unpigmented formulation, and the colour can be built up on the lips by applying extra layers.  They're very glossy, and feel extremely cushioning and nourishing on the lips.  There's a good bit of slip, but they don't sit on the lips, or feel at all greasy, in the same way, say, a YSL Rouge Volupte does, they feel like they meld well with your lips, and they're very comfortable in wear.

Here I've swatched it next to TF Pure Pink so you can see both the difference in shade, and texture.  This is about three passes of Quiver, and one pass of Pure Pink, you can see how different they are!

On my lips, it's a very pale shade, but not one I'd classify as a nudeThere's just enough pigmentation to even out my natural lip colour (something I have problems with in sheer shades, as my lips are extra-pigmented around the edges, leading to a "lip-liner" effect in some lipsticks), wear time is about average for a glossy, balm-type lipstick, a couple of hours or so, and it won't last too well if you eat or drink, but it's a nice lipstick to reapply.

There are a few ranges which have released a sheer and glossy diffusion line over the last couple of years, Dior, Chanel, and now Tom Ford, I like all of them, but frankly, my heart belongs to  Chantecaille Lip Chics.  The Tom Ford Lip Colour Shines are lovely (and I have no doubt I'll be picking up a couple of the brighter shades once my wedding-spending ban is over), but only time will tell if they'll beat the Lip Chics for the battle of my heart ...

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shines will be on counter from this week.  I'll update this post with the price when I have it.
The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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