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Monday, 11 February 2013

Wedding Prep - Nails (Featuring Nailtiques and Estee Lauder)

Getting married makes you paranoid about the oddest things - zits, blotches, weight, hair, and  ... nails.  My nails are weak, peely and friable in their natural state, and hands are so important in a wedding (the rings!) that I'm spending this last few days before the ceremony in a tizz about breaking one of them.

Actually, I'm in a tizz about a lot of things, but breaking a nail, stupid though it may sound, is definitely one of them! I think my nails are looking pretty good at the moment, and that is largely down to one product, this:

 I've been using it for around 18 months now, and it makes my soft, peely, (and really flipping annoying) nails hard as ... well, nails, really!   I don't, however, use it like it says in the instructions, (which are to use a layer every other day, and not with polish), but I do use it as a basecoat for my painted nails. A layer of this, a layer of Orly Bonder, and only then am I ready to get painting with a colour.  I've had my bottle so long now, though, that I can't actually remember where I got it from, yes, I'm still on that first bottle!  I remember wincing at the price, too, but it's worth every single penny.

It's made a world of difference to my nails, they peel a lot less, and they're strong and hard. I just can't imagine ever being without a bottle. I just have to not break a nail now till after Saturday ...

Oh, the polish in the top picture, which I love, is Insatiable by Estee Lauder.  A dirty lavender, which is a great alternative to all the "pretty" pastels appearing on counters at the moment.  It's limited edition, and on counters now, so go snap one up. God, I hate pastels ...

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  1. BeautyBay stock nailtiques. Its amazing stuff. I love it!

  2. BeautyBay stock nailtiques I think. That's where I picked up my bottle. Its amazing stuff. I love it.

  3. Hi! When I read your blog on my iPad I get an advert covering half the text with no way to make it go away. I'd like to read about your wedding preparations, but at the moment I can't!


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