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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Rouge Baiser Mademoiselle Authentique 304

The odds on my going to Paris at any time and coming back without any beauty purchases are slim.  Having just got back from Paris (have I mentioned I've been in Paris?  If not: I'VE BEEN IN PARIS) I've got a couple of things to show you.

This is a lipstick from Rouge Baiser, which is a France-only brand, and, in this increasingly homogenised planet, it's always good to get something you can't buy anywhere else.  I've featured Rouge Baiser before, and the Mademoiselle Authentique formula is one I like, in packaging I think is fantastic.

The last one I bought (302) is a crisp bright red, and I fancied something a little more neutral this time, so I purchased 304, a slightly rosier than it appears under flash photography, mauve.  Which, after red, is my favourite colour.

The hand-swatch above is a slightly more true to life representation of the actual shade, but either way, it's more of a my lips but better shade, albeit slightly paler than my actual lips, which I think will be a good partner for a smokier eye look.  Here's the same swatch under flash photography:

And on the lips in natural daylight and with flash:

I find the Rouge Baiser Mademoiselle Authentique formulation creamy and not too drying for a long-lasting formulation.

What things do you pick up when you're away? 

The Fine Print: Ill-gotten gains from my honeymoon.  You knew I was going to buy shizz, didn't you?

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