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Monday 28 January 2013

Wedding Stuff

Not MY dress
 Posts might be a bit thin on the ground for the next three weeks or so, as it turns out that planning a wedding - even an extremely simple and, above all, cheap wedding like ours - takes both a lot of time, and a lot of mind-space.  The ceremony is now less than three weeks away, and the tasks are stacking up a bit!  Logistics isn't a particular strength of mine, and co-ordinating visitors from opposite ends of the country is taking up a lot of the time I normally spend thinking about blogging ... 

A couple of people have asked  for some wedding-focused blog posts so I shall do my best to oblige ... It's hard though, because (and here's a really big confession) I don't really like weddings!  I have a tendency to, well, glaze over a bit when it comes to reading about them myself, so ... anyway. I genuinely thought I'd never get married, so never spent any time planning anything, even hypothetically, for myself.

I promised myself (and MrLippie), when I got engaged, that I wouldn't get wrapped up in the wedding, to the extent where it was the only thing we talked about, thought about, planned, etc, because I've always been aware that the wedding is only a really small part of a marriage, and if your entire world revolves around the wedding, then what do you talk about once the day itself is over?  That's why I've tried to keep wedding blog posts to a minimum - I'm no lifestyle guru! My life isn't that glamorous, and most of wedding planning isn't particularly glamorous either, tbh ... we're not bothering with a lot of the frills that a lot of wedding blog posts seem to be about.  I wish we were whipping up wonderful hand-crafted  invites and touches, but we have neither the time nor the ability, so ... they're not happening!

However, having been to a couple of weddings this year, and picked up ideas from each, we've decided to keep our arrangements extremely simple, and informal. No complicated seating arrangements (a pub wedding reception like ours is perfect for this), for us, and no real centrepieces/wedding favours, as we're both a bit cackhanded, frankly. You can see the invitation above, which was recycled from a blogpost I worked on last year with Purple Ronnie and Unicef! We have a band too, whom we adore, and are very happy that they've agreed to play for us on the day.

Whilst there are no formal kinds of arrangements for centerpieces etc, we are doing some fun things, like scenting the reception venue with candles (I have jasmine and rose-scented tealights which I'm hoping will smell like Joy by Jean Patou once they're lit, alongside orange-blossom scented candles too), and there are a couple of things we think (hope) people will like, but we're trying to keep them a secret for now, so we don't blow the surprises for our guests!  But most of all, what we're trying to do is having a wedding that keeps a sense of humour throughout the day ...

If you want to see just what's been obsessing me most about the wedding, you can have a look at my boards on Pinterest, where the sharp-eyed amongst you might just find one board dedicated to my outfit ...


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  1. I'm so excited for you - cannot wait for the photos. Am also v impressed that you have time to blog on top of work and wedding planning. Wonder woman! Enjoy this exciting time and have a great week, Avril xx

    1. If they ever come out with a "Knackered Woman" superhero (superpowers: watching TV whilst fretting about blogging), then you know who the model was ...

  2. It sounds like a really lovely day. Weddings particularly blog savvy weddings have become so stylised you can actually see the tension in the pics. I'm being a wedding photographer for my best friend on the 16th Feb. It's a secret, country registry wedding and I just cannot wait. She will have had 3 weeks to organize it and it sounds like she's doing a fab job. All the very best to you both xxx

    1. I was astonished - literally astonished - to discover that some women actually deliberately go out of their way to plan the wedding in such a way that they end up on wedding blogs! Where's the fun in that?

      Your friend gets married the same day I do - a quick wedding sounds so exciting! I hope you and she have a really lovely day xx


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