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Monday 21 January 2013

Guerlain Eau De Lingerie

Confession time: I recently spent some time having tea with Guerlain's utterly charming, handsome (and funny with it) Thierry Wasser, and, to my complete chagrin, after an extremely pleasant, and polite, question and answer session, I - for it was, of course, I - managed to drag the conversation down so far into the gutter that Thierry ended up miming how to get into a pair of Spanx for the delight and edification of our tea-partners.  I'm not proud of myself*. If, however, Guerlain ever do produce a fragrance named "La Petite Spanx Noir", I want commission.

Which brings me politely (or not - your mileage may, as they say, vary) to this:

Perfume for your knickers.  From Guerlain.  Guerlain say:

"Close to the skin, in the very place where fragrance settles, our lingerie lies... and this inspired Guerlain to conceive of an innovative beauty ritual. A delicate new fragrance to spray onto lingerie, creating a special moment of sensuality in which women are invited to indulge..."

To which I say: " ... does it come with a free tube of Canesten?"  Now, admittedly my "special moments of sensuality" these days usually involve a jammy doughnut, a nice cup of tea, and a brief half an hour with the Hugh Jackman DVD+ of my choosing, but still ... a fragrance too far?  I think I'd rather scent my drawers than my "drawers", personally.  What say you?

It'll be available exclusively in Harrods from February.  The perfect Valentine's gift ... 
* This sentence may be a lie**

** IS a lie.  It may be the single proudest moment I've ever had as a blogger.  I am, however, now banned from the Connaught Hotel tea-rooms as a result.

+ Paperback Hero, seeing as you didn't ask.

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  1. I recently went a bit batshit mental over fragranced toilet roll.

    Fragranced toilet roll is never going near my vajayjay, hoo ha, private parts, lady garden, minge, garden of paradise, (sorry, couldn't help myself) and neither is perfume, I will end up with the medical equivalent of Liz Jones, THRUSH. Irritating as hell and hard to get rid of.

    Why do we have to mask our femininity and what makes us, us anyway I wonder. Are we THAT offensive in our natural odours?

    1. I don't think you're meant to spray it on your foof! I think it might be nice to scent stuff before putting it away, but ... er ... stains?

      Mind, all my underwear is triple-strength industrial elastic, nothing stains that.

  2. I'd buy it. Honestly. I get a little...paranoid about smells and I often spritz my underwear when I wash/dry it anyway! Is it foof friendly though? That's my burning (ha!) question.

    1. The fact that it's meant for fabrics suggest that it may not be as foof-friendly as we'd like. But I can investigate xx

  3. This is the funniest perfume review I have ever read, thank you!


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