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Wednesday 23 January 2013

pureDKNY Drop of Rose Review

Back in the days when it was possible for a sales assistant to know every fragrance on their shelves and - even better - to know enough about them to be able to give a knowledgeable answer to any question about their wares, no matter how random the request (so, about twenty years ago, then)I obtained a bottle of Brousseau's Ombre Rose simply by asking the question: "Can I have a perfume that smells of baby powder, please?".  I love me some baby powder.  Babies not so much, sorry.

Anyway, I loved that bottle of Ombre Rose, with its pale pink embossed bottle, and the idea of smelling fresh and clean and powdery-soft so much that I used it all up in a matter of weeks.  Then you couldn't get it in Browns of Chester any more, and I couldn't afford to travel to London to get a replacement (then I did move to London only to discover that I couldn't afford a replacement), so it's remained a distant memory ever since.

Until this little bottle turned up on my doorstep last week, that is:

PureDKNY Drop of Rose is a simple, sweet, powdery-soft rose fragrance that smells as if you've just rolled yourself in the finest talcum Johnson & Johnson can provide.  It doesn't smell of much other than that, but it's a pretty fine thing to smell of all the same. Well, providing you like powdery, velvety, and sweet roses, it is.  And I do. It's gentle, pretty and about the most ladylike fragrance in my collection.  You remember when you used to spend hours making "perfume" as a child with rose petals and water?  Well, this is the smell you were trying to create.

If you don't like rose, you won't like this. It smells like a hug from your favourite elderly aunty, and feels like one too. I hear it's also a dead ringer for Chantecaille's discontinued Derby Rose, so if you were a fan of that, this is one to try too. It's on shelves from 3rd February.
The Fine Print: PR Sample.
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