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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Lipstick Queen Saint & Sinner Wine Comparison

I was so happy with Lipstick Queen Saint Wine recently, that I immediately went out and bought the same shade in the Sinner formulation:

I own a lot of lipsticks, and, well, let's face it, if I never bought another one ever again, I'd still have enough lipstick to last me the rest of my life, even if I sprouted another face.  Or three, frankly.  Does that stop me buying it though?  Of course not. Especially when I love the shade.  And I do love this:

 A warm red, unusual for such a dark shade not to read as having orange or brown undertones, I like it because it is actually still a red on the lips.  It's a dark, dramatic shade, but not one that someone is likely to mistake you for an elderly goth when you're wearing it.  Which is nice.  I thought a comparion to the Saint formulation might be handy too, though, so if you're not that confident about wearing dark lips, you can see how both variations of Wine work for you:

You can see from the bullets that Sinner (on the left) is a little redder, and Saint has a hint of brown, making the sheerer shade appear a little more purple in the bullet.  This becomes even more apparent on swatching:

Saint will allow some of your natural lip colour through, however, making it appear less brown in wear, as you can see in the lipswatches below:

I find both formulations very comfortable in wear - whilst the Sinner formula is obviously less moisturising than Saint (it contains 90% pigment versus the 10% in Saint), it's not drying at all, and lasts very well, unless you're eating something greasy.  It lacks a little of the slip of Saint, but it's a matte formulation I'm happy to wear and forget about.

The Lipstick Queen Saints & Sinners range now comprises 20 shades in each formulation, up from the ten that have been around for a long time now. Which are your favourites?

The Fine Print: Mixture of PR samples and purchases.  I'm nice like that.  Why couldn't Dracula's wife get to sleep? Because of the coffin.

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