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Monday 1 October 2012

Webster Whiteman Wedding Hair Trial

I do love the team at Webster Whiteman, and I'm beginning to think that I don't go and visit them nearly often enough. During my last visit (far too long ago), they sorted out my colour, gave me an excellent blowdry, and I was very happy with them. More importantly, I was very comfortable in their lovely Mayfair salon - it feels like a real home from home, an increasing rarity in London.  These days, my colour is always sorted by Jack Howard, but I haven't settled on a stylist yet, and I remain terrified of getting my hair cut!

However, as the wedding draws ever nearer, and my Pinterest Hair Inspiration board gets ever bigger, I thought it was time to finally try and find a stylist I like and trust. And the first place I looked was, of course, Webster Whiteman.  Last Monday, I found myself having a good old chat with Darren Webster about what I want and need for my wedding hair.  I've mentioned several times that my hair is a bit mental, it likes to get out and party the second there's a hint of moisture in the air, and it is this tendency, coupled with a February wedding that means I really need an updo that can stay put.

Darren listened to all my concerns, had a darn good play with my hair, and then suggested three or four different styles that might work.  Here's a sneaky peek at what we came up with:

Style One:

We'd originally tried a really deconstructed, and completely un-smooth look, which wasn't quite what I was after, so we tried a quite traditional updo, that had plaits woven in, to make it a little edgier.  I liked the height, liked the interesting details, and was quite happy with this, but we decided to take it even smoother for the next look:

Style Two:

I absolutely loved this in the chair, I think it shows off the colour very well, and I love how it shows off the plait details.  It looks a little "Lady Gaga-ish" and I thought it would be interesting from the back.  Looking at it now, however (and especially after the next look), I'm not entirely sure about it.

We then went for something very different to the previous two, which instead of featuring a plait (or two), actually is a plait, take a look:

Style Three:

It's not quite perfect - Darren and I both agree that it needs a little more height at the top - but I  love how complex this looks, and how simple it was to actually do.  It is, essentially, a fishtail plait which has been looped around, and caught up in itself.  It feels very secure, and I really like how it has something interesting at every angle.  And, whilst plaits are rather trendy at the moment, something about treating the plait this way makes it feel more timeless.  I like how it shows off the different colours in my hair, too.

So, what do you think about my first wedding hair trial? 

Get Lippie was a guest of Webster Whiteman.
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  1. Love them all but bit partial to photo no 4.

  2. The fishtail is by far the most appealing imo.

  3. WOW! They are so nice. I like them all.

  4. I really like the last look! Will you be wearing a veil? could get some height there.

  5. The last one is my favourite. Your hair looks to be so gorgeous and thick!

  6. I love the last style, looks so pretty and agree on the hair colour front.
    Are you leaving pieces to frame the face? I love the height on the second style, and agree about the shape of it.
    Are you wearing a veil? Or hairslide/clip/band? I think the fishtail with a pearl/diamante comb tucked in the side would look beautiful.
    (I LOVE wedding hair - my favourite styling)

  7. Your hair looks great! x

  8. The last one is the best, and I'm totally jealous of the plaiting *eyes own hair* as I love plaits and mine won't plait!

  9. Style two, but with a bit of decoration. Diamonds or flowers, or your veil?


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