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Wednesday 3 October 2012

The Oddest Lipstick in my Collection

 This little monolith looks fairly innocuous, no? Well, it's one of the oddest, and most expensive, makeup products I own.  It's actually a Serge Lutens Water Lip Colour, and when it turned up in a goody bag at a Serge Lutens fragrance launch, I was about as excited as I could be.  I thought there were only two shades, Chardon, a red, and Safrane, an orange, and I wondered which shade I would get.

I was wrong, by the way, there are three shades.  Number three is Indian Ink.  A black. Guess which one I got?

Yeah, you got there ahead of me, didn't you?  A black lipstain.

I love the applicator, it looks like some kind of exotic sea-creature from the depths, it's rather cool. And, surprisingly, it really helps with the application, being easy to get into all your lip crevices.

However, it's black.  Well, grey, rather:

It's actually oddly useable, you can use it to stain your lips darker, to give a different dimension to lipshades that need darkening, or you can use it to fake bruises:

What's the oddest thing in your makeup collection?

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  1. Ha ha this is cool :) But I would love to see it on your lips too tho! :)
    Hmm I cant think of any odd products in my makeup collection right now.. !

  2. I can't imagine how it would look on the lips!! The oddest thing I have is the green to pink lipstick by Barry M!!

  3. Oo that is interesting!! I actually have a gloss from MAC in a very similar colour, it was from the Style Black collection. I wear it on its own sometimes, which can look a bit odd I suppose but then I'm a bit on the gothy side mostly, so I guess it fits!
    I'm not sure I have any really odd things in my make up collection though!

  4. Serge Lutens makes weird stuff, however, this concept has actually been copied by Essence and it's quite good to make your lips look more bitten-or-overkissed

  5. Can you layer on top of lipcolours or does that not work? I've seen a few grey/black lipsticks of late that are supposed to change the colour of lipsticks. Either way, I think it's very cool!

  6. Not sure if this looks nice or not, haha! The oddest thing in my make up collection is probably a dark purple lipstick I got from Kate Moss's Rimmel collection - I've never even worn it x

  7. Strange, very strange. I presume it makes you look like a well groomed corpse when you apply it to the lips, right??


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