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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water Review

I mentioned recently that my skin has been going through one of it's more insane periods - dry, itchy, dehydrated, blotchy and scaly, it's been fun!  The best thing for me to do when that happens is to scale back on the more active skin care and reintroduce more natural and less aggravating products.

 One product I'm really glad to have introduced to my routine is this Extraordinary Water in Rose from Melvita.  Not a water at all, and definitely not a toner, this is, in fact, a liquid-gel packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerine, alongside extracts of rose and marsh clover to soothe, hydrate, and - allegedly - firm skin.

I can't speak for its firming properties, but the soothing and hydration is second to none, at least as far as your blotchy, itchy, sandpaper-foreheaded correspondent is concerned.  It's taken me a long time - a very long time - to come around to the benefits of toning liquids in a skincare routine, and I've discovered that the trick (for me) is to think of them as the start of your moisturising routine, rather than the end of your cleansing one.  The texture, and the glorious scent, of this extraordinary water really helps with that - your skin very definitely feels softer and more moisturised, even before you apply your moisturiser over the top. 

Whilst it probably won't work miracles for anti-ageing (I'm definitely behind the idea that you need the appliance of science for that, frankly), if your skin is sore and dehydrated in the current weather, it'll thank you for investing in a bottle of this.  Mine has!  At £14 per 100ml bottle, it won't exactly break the bank either.   There are two other variants, orange blossom, and narcissus, but this is the one for me. You can buy it online from the Melvita store.

 The Fine Print: My initial bottle of this was a PR Sample, but I've bought a couple of bottles since.  I like it!

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