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Monday 10 September 2012

Estee Lauder Violet Underground Eyeshadow Palette

I may have let out a little "squee" of excitement when I saw the promo image of this palette from Estee Lauder, from the gorgeous purple packaging to the contents, this had Get Lippie written all over it.  Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, take a look:

So pretty, and such an unusual selection of shades.  Fuchsia, Copper, Navy, Champagne and Black, and, it's surprisingly versatile, as I'll show you later - don't let that bright pink put you off:

I love how textured and gorgeous the shadow pans are.  The shadows are the "tribrid" texture, which is an amalagam of cream, powder and gel, and the shades are fairly pigmented, and quite complex as a result.

This is just one pass on bare skin with the sponges from the palette, you can get a heavier application with your fingers or a densely-haired brush.

 All the shades, even the pink are very wearable, the champagne shade almost blends with my skin, but I assure you that it's in the swatch pics!  Only the black has a matte texture, usable for lining with a thin brush.

Best of all, you can mix the shades, if you layer the pink over the blue, you get a beautiful multichromatic smoky purple, which I adore:

Perfect for more dramatic looks.

What do you think of Violet Underground?  It's limited edition, and available on counter now for £40.  There's an eyeliner and four new lipshades to go with it too ...

The Fine Print: I may have begged for this one.

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  1. Oh my god, this looks so beautiful! I don't even care how the eye shadows swatch or wear, I'd be quite happy just having this and staring at it!

  2. So gorgeous - thanks for the swatches.


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