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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure: Inimitable, Coromandel and Passion

Very little gets my heart racing like a red lipstick. When three red lipsticks turn up on the same day, well, that's an event my friends.  I was delighted to hear that Chanel are re-launching their Rouge Allure range, to go alongside the successful Rouge Coco lipsticks.  Whilst I like (and own about six) of the Coco's, I do prefer something more pigmented, and the Rouge Allures deliver pigment in spades.

I was sent three of the brightest shades from the newly-relaunched collection, Inimitable, Coromandel and Passion, all reds and all beautiful.  Shall we take a look?

Inimitable is a bright berry red, slightly blue-based in tone, but with a golden shimmer running through it that warms it up a little in wear.

Hard to tell from this picture, but Coromandel is an orange-red, but without the brown undertones that would normally make you describe this as a brick-red.  There is a fine (finer than that in Inimitable) gold shimmer running through this lipstick too.

Passion is a classic blue-based red without shimmer, and is a little more pigmented than Inimitable. It's a lot more dramatic in wear than that shade too, and will suit cooler-toned wearers.

Let's take a look at the bullets together:

You can only get an idea of how different the shades are when they're on skin, so I won't keep you waiting:

As you can see here, Coromandel really does pull orange in comparison to the other two shades, but on the lips, this isn't as noticeable, especially if your lips have a lot of red to them already.  I'll show you lip swatches later on in the week.

The formula on these is very good, excellent slip without feeling greasy, a high level of pigment, a glossy finish and that classic Chanel lipstick scent.  Wear time is about average, but they're not billed as long-lasting lipsticks, so I don't mind that too much, to be honest.  There's very little more glamorous than pulling out a Chanel lipstick for touch-ups, and the Rouge Allure casing is a classic - you push down on the gold Chanel logo and the lipstick pops up out of the black metal casing.  You don't get that distinctive lipstick "click" that you do with more traditional casings, but it's satisfying all the same.  I remember when the Rouge Allures were first launched, and they were making a big song and dance about how the packaging was operable with one hand.  Er ... it isn't, but hey ho, it's a nice case all the same.

What's your pick of the Allures?

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  1. All the lipsticks look pretty..Will need to invest in a chanel one soon :D

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I'm so tempted to buy some of the reds from this collection.

  3. Gosh, I do love the look of Passion, speaking as the oddity who will touch VERY few lipsticks if they even have a hint of shimmer.

  4. I've never been able to wear red lippie. I'm dark with fair -ish skin and blue green eyes. I'm so tempted with these but don't think I can pull off ? I suit warmer tones... ?

  5. I've never been brave enough to wear a red like these, mainly because I don't think they suit me. Imdark, fair skinned with blue and green eyes...NO idea which if any red would suit me.....??
    These colours look so gorgeous though, I'm tempted to try again.....

  6. Inimitable looks gorgeous. Rebecca x


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