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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Bare Minerals & Virgin: Upper Class Red Lip Colour

When you think of Virgin Atlantic, what's the first thing you think about?  Well, I normally see red, to be honest, the livery of the planes, the uniform, the  ...  lipstick?

Well, with that in mind, Virgin Atlantic have teamed up with Bare Minerals to create their perfect red shade, matched to the uniforms worn by all Virgin Atlantic staff, designed to last through long-haul flights and not be drying.  Initally it's available on Virgin Atlantic flights, and it's due to be released through Bare Minerals stores later this year.  Oh, and it's actually now part of the VA uniform, so it's the only lipstick the staff can wear!  Having worked for several years in the travel industry prior to becoming an accountant, there's actually nothing particularly new about this, lots of holiday companies dictate the shades of lipstick their staff can wear, but this is the first I've heard about a brand creating the shade in the first place ...

So, how does it measure up?  This is a gorgeously pigmented red, that slips beautifully over the lips, and stays put for quite some time.  However, it does fade, and it will give you the Red Ring Of Doom (the RROD - you'll see this acronym a fair bit over the next couple of weeks, btw) as it does.  

The applicator is a wonderfully flexible springy thing of beauty, but I do find that the wider bits at the base can lead to a slightly smudged application if you're not careful with it.

I find that you must (no ifs, ands or buts) wipe off the excess lipstick back into the tube, because if you don't, you will end up with a lipstick/teeth-type situation that you won't appreciate, but if you apply lightly, in layers, then you'll have a lovely glossy finish that eventually dries down to a stain.

This is a lovely tomato-red, it's actually fairly blue-based, but it pulls a little orange on my cool-toned skin. 

Overall, this is a good liquid lipstick, if you apply it carefully.  I like the shade, don't love the applicator, and like how long it lasts (again, if you apply it carefully), but how does it measure up to other red liquid lipsticks?  Well, I'll let you know that over the next two weeks, where I'll be comparing it to other iconic red liquid lipsticks (from Chanel, Beaute and Guerlain, for a start), and I'll keep you posted.

The Fine Print: PR sample.  From Bare Minerals, not Virgin Atlantic.  Dear Virgin Atlantic, if you're reading, I'm planning a honeymoon.  This is "not" a hint.  Okay, it is a hint.  I'm cheap, sue me. 

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  1. And the hunt for the "PERFECT" red continues.

    I want to be able to wear red dammit. Stamps foot throws things and flutters eyelashes at Virgin (just in case)

  2. oh wow, it looks gorgeous and super pigmented! wonder whether it would be flattering for my teeth though, most red lipsticks/glosses make my teeth look yellowish :(

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  3. Wow this looks lovely - I've never tried Bare Minerals before really need to. Just sucks about the red ring of doom that it leaves you with when it fades :(



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