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Monday 9 July 2012

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque

So, following on from my posts about Bare Minerals Upper Class Red, and Beaute Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist last week, I thought I'd show you what is considered to be the uber-red liquid lipstick, and that is Dragon, by Chanel.

A classic red, both deep and bloody, and lightly glimmering with gold, this is an undoubtedly gorgeous lip colour.  Sadly, I don't like it very much.  I'll get to why later, but first, here are some pictures:

Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque has an innovatively shaped applicator, ostensibly lip-shaped, the dip in the middle of the doe-foot makes it easier to follow the outline of your lips, and this lends itself to a simpler application than with other, flatter applicators.

The shade itself is almost faultless, a warm, rich, deep shade, it contains golden micro-shimmer to stop the colour looking flat and one-dimensional on the lips without becoming a disco-ball:

It's almost a "geisha" red shade, and is truly beautiful.  Sadly, I don't like the formula much.  I find it has a bit too much slip, and, as a result, can be prone to seepage.  You will need a lipliner with this, and blotting is highly recommended too.  I also find that it doesn't last as long on my lips as other deep reds, which is a disappointment.

So, how does the shade compare with other reds?  Here, I'm comparing it to the two other red liquid lipsticks I've already mentioned:

As you can see, Dragon is a little darker than either Upper Class or Masochiste, and the comparison makes the glimmer just a little more evident too.  It's a little less orange than the other two, having a slightly more blue undertone.

There have been rumours about Dragon being discontinued from the Rouge Allure range for about a year now, but I picked this one up just a couple of months ago.  Overall, I'd say it was nice to have, but ... later on this week I have a replacement for it that is EVEN BETTER.  Yes, you heard me, a liquid lipstick I love.  Possibly a bit too much, now I come to think about, I'll keep you posted ...

 The Fine Print: Chanel Dragon was a purchase.

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  1. Oh this is such a gorgeous deep red! Would you say that the color would make your teeth look slight yellow? X

  2. The shade is beautiful, too bad the formula didn't work out for you x

  3. I think this looks really nice but think I prefer the colour of the Beaute one in the middle.


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