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Wednesday 25 July 2012

TightsPlease SkinKiss Fake Tan Tights

Regular readers will know that fake tan isn't really my kind of thing. Frankly, I think life is too short to spend all that time exfoliating, moisturising, tanning, and smelling of biscuits, so I think I've had one tan in the last ten years!

When I got an email from TightsPlease suggesting I try their "tanning tights" I was a little amused.  Apparently, you just put the tights on, massage them on your legs for ten minutes, and presto! Tanned legs.

The official TightsPlease website for the SkinKiss fake tan tights says:

Try these revolutionary tights which are impregnated with fake tan using patented technology. Simply slip the tights on and leave for 10 minutes, massage your legs paying careful attention to ankles,feet and knees and then once removed you will be left with gorgeous tanned legs. No more orange palms, patch ankles and stained carpets! With Skinkiss tanning tights you can welcome gorgeous, bronzed legs in no time at all.
Plus you will also receive a pair of plastic gloves with your order to minimize stained hands. We also recommend using a footsie to avoid any staining on the soles of your feet ...Once used to tan, the tights can be washed leaving you with a pair of sheer 8 denier tights.

I mentioned these to a few friends of mine, and a couple of people asked for a chance to try them, thinking they were actually quite a good idea for the less dextrous of tan appliers, so I sent a pair to my willing guinea pig C, who sent this review in return:

I was looking forward to trying the tan tights as I have never been good at fake tan, always ending up with streaks and orange joints. I prefer the gravy browning style (of spray-on tan), but sadly this English 'summer' is not conducive to it. 

The instructions on the bag were very short (and very small). I opened it up and the first thing that struck was the smell. More pungent than a bottled fake tan, mixed with an odd dampness,  presumably from the fact that this is wet tights stored in a foil-type bag. I unpeeled them and put on the gloves provided. The tights are wet through so I assumed the tan was on both sides – but it isn’t clear from the instructions. I didn’t want orange hands so thought the gloves would be best, I put in a toe and rolled them up. 

Sorry, I had to stop. 

The feel of cold damp nylon combined with the smell was simply not something I could endure.  With some thought to how the packaging will make the product smell and how one might sort out the feel (could they be warmed?) perhaps, but I am going to have to be white-legged a little longer. 

So, there you have it.  A good idea, I think, but possibly they need to work on the smell?  Would you buy fake tan tights?

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  1. I imagined these dry.. so you wear them out .. but if they're wet whats the poiint?! Just use regular stuff!

  2. good idea in theory I suppose...but the idea of putting damp tights doesn't appeal!! Also for £10 a pair, I'd rather just buy myself a bottle and get multiple uses!!

  3. Gross!! Nothing appealing about soggy tights!! x

  4. I hope it's just me but the before and after photo on the website is awful- luminous orange wotsit legs? No thanks. I'll stick to my fake bake lotion.

  5. The idea sounds interesting but the application. Wet tights? YUCK! I can't even imagine wanting to do this. For some reason I thought the tights would be dry and the massaging would cause some sort of chemical reaction to make you tan. i had not even considered wet tights. Ugh. No thanks. I'll stick with my pale stems.

  6. Eww sounds yucky. I think I will pass on this one.


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