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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Back to Basics - By Terry Sheer Expert

A holdover from my recent foundation "week" - and featuring the return of "Maurice", by popular request (you nutters) - This is Sheer Expert foundation by ... er ... by Terry.  I've had this a little while now, and it's time I got my thoughts out on the interwebs.


I love the signature by Terry metallic purple packaging, and this tube doesn't disappoint, squeezy and easy to read, it's a winner.


A rather runny liquid, with a rather whipped mousse-y kind of feeling on application, it's easy to spread, and blends with your natural skintone very well.  It has an exceptionally strong rose-scent though, which some people won't be able to tolerate, but this wears off after a little while on the skin.

Shade Selection

This is available in ten shades - more than the average "high end" foundation (usually there are six, or, if you're lucky, eight), but it's still weighted towards white women, the darkest shade, "warm copper" doesn't look all that dark on the Space NK website.  The shade in the swatches by the way is 03 Neutral Beige.


Coverage, despite the word "sheer" in the name, is about medium, and is quite buildable, without becoming cakey.


It's quite a light, dewy finish, which I really like.  I personally, don't powder over, but oilier skins might benefit from a dusting of your favourite powder to set it.  You can barely feel it on your skin, and it's a pleasure to wear once the smell has worn off.


Wear is surprisingly good for such a light finish, I found it didn't need a reapplication for around eight hours or so.


Okay, sit down.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll tell you.  This little beauty is £44 a tube.  Yes, you read that right.  Forty four of your earth pounds.  Admittedly, nothing in the by Terry range is cheap, but ... yeah, this is a little too rich for my blood.

Overall Thoughts

It's a nice product, if you like the smell of roses (personally, I do), but at this price, it's not outstanding.

The Fine Print: This turned up in a goodie bag, once upon a while ago.
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  1. I popped into Space NK the other day looking at the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. The sales assitant advised me on this instead as the coverage is better and you'll find yourself using less. Is it worth the extra £10... I'm not sure?

  2. I've never seen by Terry. Where is it sold? Do you know if it is sold in the U.S.?

    Lol, Maurice is a star!! I see why others have begged for his return lol.

  3. i have this and cant make up my mind about it, i'm not sure it agrees with my combo skin (yet i read in a magazine expert that its recommend for my skin type). my skin is usually quite shiny later on. that said a little goes a long way and i do think it makes my skin look quite good (a bit soft focus)... but it's actually a lot more foundation like (despite being very light and liquidy) than i was expecting. not sure really - i want to try the new Nars tm!
    amina x


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