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Monday 26 March 2012

Guerlain Noir G Rechargeable Mascara

I really shouldn't be allowed to walk past the Guerlain counter when there's a bit of cash in my pocket, as I really can't resist most of the things on counter.  I'd heard a few rumblings about the Noir G mascara on Twitter, so the first time I got to a counter, this somehow miraculously jumped into my handbag (I paid for it first, don't worry).

The packaging is based on the iconic Rouge G packaging (something I happen to adore), but is a little bigger than the lipstick, as you can see here:

To open, pull the end out, and the mirrors will open:

Then twist whilst you're pulling, and the brush will appear:

The brush is a rather traditional fibre affair, it's not too wide (my own particular bugbear), and it separates the lashes nicely.

The formula is very nice - lightly scented, be aware - and never dries out on your lashes, so it doesn't flake at all, and I find it doesn't run.  I really like it.

The mascara costs £35 for an initial purchase, but this includes the outer case with mirrors. A high price, undoubtedly, but, further refills, which include a fresh brush, will cost £20 each, which I feel is more than reasonable for a high-end mascara. 

The mascara will feature in a Face of the Day picture later on this week ...

The Fine Print: I got mugged at Guerlain.
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  1. Ah God, now I want it even more! Does it hold curls? I really need something that does. My lashes could do with, like A LOT of help!

  2. I've been dying to see real pictures of this! I now have to have one!


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