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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Filthy Gorgeous London

Hot on the heels of her last guest post for Get Lippie, here's the wonderful Senorita Carmen telling us about her relationship with the polishes of Filthy Gorgeous London ...

Back in the Autumn, I volunteered to babysit the Lippies. Because I lived a bus ride away and I had the spare time was the rational reason, but the real reason was to finally meet my favourite Lipstick Guru and  also to see her make up collection. I wasn't disappointed. I'd entered into my nirvana albeit in someone else's house. Natch.

I had oodles of fun playing with colours, and much to Mr Lippie's amusement, a plethora of "Ooohs" and "Aahs" occurred, to the point he may well have wondered if I could actually speak any other words. He found out the answer when he attempted to make me a lucious cup of Twinings Orange Blossom tea. Needless to say he needs lessons in making a cuppa from Le Hirons as I was served hot water with milk... (Editors note: MrLippie does, indeed, need tea-making lessons.)

Anyhoo, whilst going through her stash of nail polishes (and its a sizeable stash) I fell in love with a bottle by Filthy Gorgeous London called 'Valentine'. It's a classic red without the blue tones. My heart fluttered whilst I swatched it and I just knew it had to be mine. So, as politely as I could, I enquired as to where this could be purchased. This was my Million Pound Drop question. When Louise replied "Debenhams" my heart started beating again out of sheer relief. No limited edition, discontinued, nor hard to find nonsense! I may have even done a dance of joy. Ahem.

But the icing on the doughnut was that Louise then offered it to me. To me! Little 'ol me! I grabbed it with both hands before she had finished her sentence. "My precious" I crooned. By now, Mr Lippie was wondering at how much of a nut nut I really was. Ooops.

So here is my first love aptly named 'Valentine'. I love the bottle too with its vintage effect brush handle and the kitchy plectrum that adorns all bottles.  This to me is date night nail polish.

The next addition was Judy Baby' which is classed as a rich reddish purple but I call it a dark fuchsia. It's lush and I always feel old school glamorous when I wear it. This requires 2 coats.

I then went out of my comfort zone and bought 'Fifi' which is a bright teal. And whoa it is bright but perfect for sunshine in Spring and also I imagine with a tan. This bottle requires rolling (not shaking) as the pigments separate in the bottle. This required only 1 coat. When wet, the polish looks very turquoise but as it dries and sets the teal greenness comes through.

My latest acquisition is 'Satchel' and its described as a dusky greige. To me its the perfect nude shade as it has a hint of pink warmth. It's in fact my only nude shade as no other brands look good as nude on my nails. However, the application is somewhat patchy and I have to apply 3 coats.

My 4 shades all come from the Filthy Gorgeous London Core Shades Collection and I'm eyeing up a few more. They offer over 30 different shades and are 3 free ie free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. There is a Magnetic Collection including a prism holographic topcoat if that rocks your boat. Their Spring 2012 Collection is pastel heavy although they've tried to make it edgy by calling it 'Dirty Pastels'. And if you love your glitters they have a Smoke and Sparkle Collection. Not bad for a brand that only launched in October 2010. However, I'm sticking to the core collection as I just love their creme pigmented high gloss finish.

The polishes retail at £9 and can be purchased from Debenhams or direct from FGL and you can follow them on twitter @fglbeauty

NB All my polishes used OPI base coat and Nubar Diamont topcoat. Chippage/tipwear starts after 3 days
Thank you Get Lippie for the start of a wonderful new relationship with FGL!

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  1. I have Satchel and I really like it too. I rather like the look of Judy Baby now. Thank you for sharing your collection Carmen! x

  2. Carmen, you need a blog of your own lady! xx

  3. Thanks Carmen - great review! ♥


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