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Friday, 8 April 2011

Got Lippie?

I love lipstick.

And these pictures, dear ladies and gents are the explanation as to why Get Lippie is called what it is:

A slightly closer look:

And one with a standard-sized paperback book added for scale:

I had written a whole essay to go with this, but ... meh.  I will just say two things: One, that this isn't entirely them all (every girl has a bag full of lipstick in the house that they can't find, right?  RIGHT?), and the collection is about half the size it was two/three years ago (my loss is various housemates and Give & Makeup's gain!)  and:  two, I bought fully 95% of these.

See any of your favourites?

The Fine Print:  I could have bought a HOUSE with what I've spent on lipstick in the last 25 years.  A HOUSE.  Okay, maybe a car.  But defnitely a nice holiday.

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  1. Good lord, that is lovely! Honestly, my dear, I'm salivating over here :oP

  2. Awesome photo's! My collection looks very similar :)

  3. Hihihahaha, I just went "WTF?!" when I saw the first picture. Seriously, THAT is the future of all of us lippie lovers. The thought of it scares me! But even after your "2012" and "A Day After Tomorrow" -esque scary picture of what will happen to all of us in future, we still can't stop buying and trying more and more! It's a DISEASE! O_O

  4. I don't even have that many in my kit! I have a palette with about 28 wells and think that is excessive, haha!!!

    How do you feel now after photographing all of it together? Can't believe you have that many, or think you have less than you thought you would?

  5. Haha that was quite overwhelming but I understand your obsession and I support it XD

  6. When I was trying to find a new name for my blog I wanted to find a latin term for someone who collects makeup, for that is what I do, it is sort of like stamp collecting but with cosmetics, I would have expected nothing less L, I salute you. Jan x

  7. That actually made me laugh out loud, you are an inspiration! xx

  8. Oh my lord! Would like to throw myself in a big pile of lipsticks like that like they do with piles of money in films....except I would probably crush a few along the way.

  9. That my friend is a thing of beauty! I spy Hourglass and I also spy something that looks a lot like an item you might find in the Ann Summers catalogue. Is that the Guerlain?!

  10. OMG!!! Amazing collection. I did crack up at Jane's comment above ;o)

  11. It's my first time leaving a message here, I felt impelled!
    This is seriously an impressive collection, and definitely worth a few great holidays!
    I saw a few Monsieur Ford's lippies :D LMdB, Hour've almost got everything!
    Now that I was thinking I bought too many lipstick, I must show this to Mr. P...

  12. Get Lippie? Got Lippie, I should say. Wow.

    awestruck, Anna in Edinburgh


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