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Monday 4 April 2011

Andy Tauer's Carillon Pour Un Ange Review and Giveaway

 Bosky.  It's not a word I use enough on Get Lippie.  It's a word I like though.

Carillon pour un Ange is almost a textbook definition of the word bosky.  Earthy, damp, lightly green and redolent of lily of the valley, the latest release from Andy Tauer's Homages line is purest spring, bottled.

Above the intriguing notes of damp earth, wet leaves and cool cedar is a sharp peal of pure white spring flowers, reminding me of a walk through an English wood on a slightly drizzly spring day.  Lily of the valley and lilac get a bad reputation for being (perhaps) granny-ish, but this mixture of earth and ethereal flowers make this a floral scent which is very different and very, very appealing.  I've worn this a few times over the winter when I've wanted to remind myself that spring is indeed on the way.  

This is one of those scents that you'll find yourself sniffing constantly, being reminded at times of mud pies, and at others of sophisticated white bouquets, but at all times being reminded that it's spring.  The scent has amazing sillage (meaning other people will be able to smell it too - particularly if you apply  with too heavy a hand) and a mere drop or two will last the entire day.

And because it finally is spring, I've teamed up with the lovely Ronny at Scents & Sensibility to give away a full-size gift-boxed bottle of Carillon Pour Un Ange (worth £99) to one lucky reader, prior to it being officially launched for sale in May. 

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite spring scents are - perfumes, or otherwise.  Please be a resident of the UK, and please make sure that you leave me a valid email address.  I will make the draw on the evening of April 10th, so please get your entries in before then!

The Fine Print: Prize will be dispatched direct from Scents & Sensibility, however, Get Lippie reserves the right to disqualify invalid entries, or any entries obviously originating from competition listing websites. 

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  1. Wow you are great at describing scents. I am really enjoying trying slightly unusual perfumes at the moment. Still looking for my signature scent though.
    My favourite smell of spring/summer has to be freshly cut grass oh and lemonade. ( not together though ha )

    Please enter me

  2. I love the smell of freshly mowed grass :-)

  3. Oh I´m such an unoriginal thinker: my first thought was freshly mown grass too. Years ago Boots sold a natural collection body spray called Earth that captured the smell of damp mown grass perfectly. So apart from that, I love Bvlgari´s Blv (or is it Blu?). Smells a bit like lemony baby wipes but I love it. It starts of very citrussy and fresh then dries down to a warm vanilla. It seems spring-like to me. On a side note, thanks for teaching me a new word. I´d never heard bosky before, I suppose it must come from the spanish for forest/wood which is bosque (or bosque comes from bosky, whatever. Anyhoo, enough rambling. Thanks for a great giveaway.


  4. You're such a good perfume writer! My favourite Spring scents are freshly cut grass and Balenciaga Paris. x

  5. This sounds so enticing, I love your write up:) Hmmm spring scents. Not grass, since it is lethal to my hay fever. I have to say, moving to the UK I discovered new forms of pain, namely every time someone mows the lawn/cuts the grass. And of course I have to live in the city of lawns *sigh*.

    So yeah spring is mostly about runny and puffy eyes and sniffling for me (very attractive, I know), but I do love the smell of strawberries when they make their first appearance. Also spring lamb, mmmh, and asparagus... oh and morel mushrooms. Ok, I'm sorry it's barely 9am, I *have* had breakfast and I'm on about food, no idea why! I'm going to blame the grass - it ruins pretty much everything else so I'm only left with food:-)

  6. My favourite scent this spring is the Chloe perfume. It's so fresh, clean and feminine! Never cloying or too heavy.


  7. I love the realisation that days are lighter, flower buds are opening, trees are suddenly billowing with cherry blossom and everyone feels lighter in mood. To signify this, scents change. From the warm fragrances needed to bolster a harsh Winter, I suddenly choose Patou's Eau de Patou, Balenciaga, and for evenings a womanly light chypre such as Jean Louis Sherrer No 1. Or, I go full head on retrospective 1980's with YSL's 'Paris'. A Spring classic if ever there was one. If I could, I'd add Mr Tauer's fragrance to my roster.

  8. Fab post!
    My favourite spring/summer smell is bed clothes off the washing line!
    I don't have a signature scent when it comes to perfume. I'm using Vera Wang princess at the mo.

  9. I'm a total perfume junkee! I am from Ireland, if you can count me in, then please do so! :)My fave perfumes are J'Adore Dior & Coco Mademoiselle! Would love to try this one!

    Enter me! Thanks!

  10. My favourite smell of spring, is rain. Rain in the spring always smells fresher and cleaner. It is as though it is washing away the heaviness of winter and replacing with the heady, giddy fresh smell of spring.

    Would love to enter your giveaway x x x

  11. Agree with everyone else, you do describe perfume really well! For me the perfect Spring smell is of freshly baked hot cross buns, yum!
    Would love the chance to win something that sounds so beautiful! x

  12. I have a sample of this one lurking in a box sommewhere, and I was just thinking it was about time to give it a whirl. Your review has made me wish I was at home, so I could spray it now!

    My favourite spring scents are Frederic Malle En Passant, and the way the earth smells when the daffs are just coming up - CB's Black March is pretty close to that scent.

  13. The scents sounds absolutely divine!!
    My favourite Spring scent has to be Beeswax. Strange I know but when I was younger Spring meant the beginning of months of torture as I used to be prone to lengthy bouts of hay fever; which my mother was insistent would be cured by her rubbing beeswax under my nose.
    I'm not sure if it was the beeswax or just something I've grown out of but I've not had an hay fever attack since my teens and now whenever I smell beeswax I'm fondly reminded of those days suffering puffy eyes, constant sneezing, blood shot eyes and flaky skin and how glad I am that those days are behind me. currently wearing Byredo Gyosy Water. x

  14. I love the smell of Issy Miyake "A Scent" ,add me to the list with mown grass and Freisias although they are probably not spring flowers.

  15. jkfd222@hotmail.com4 April 2011 at 18:21

    My favourite spring scents include CB I Hate Perfume Black March; Serge Lutens Bois de Violette and Jo Malone Grapeffruit. Please enter me into the competition.

  16. Sounds amazing! Gorgeous bottle as well! Might have to look out for this if I don't win! For me, spring is the smell of wet' freshly cut grass mixed with feshly turned soil, even better if it's tinged with salty air of the sea as well! That good enough? Lol! Finger crossed!

  17. 'Bosky' was a new word for me, I had to look it up. I am going to try and use it in a sentence tomorrow.

    As for my favourite spring scents I'm going to be unoriginal and say freshly-cut grass. I smelt it for the first time this year the other day as I was walking to uni, and it instantly put a smile on my face!

    My email is amycwhitehead at hotmail . com


  18. me! me! me! I'd quite like to try this ;)

    My favourite spring smells are dandelions and bluebell woods. I also like the smell of pavements when the sun has been out all day; that's the smell that spring is on the way. Perfume-wise, I'm wearing GreenWitch a lot at the moment.

    londonmakeupgirl at googlemail dot com

  19. For me, it has to be daffodils. My Mum is a daff fanatic, and we always had lots in the garden when I was growing up. Their scent is so unique, one sniff and I'm transported back to the Springs of my childhood.


  20. Ooh, I came here from Scents and Sensibility.

    Although I just got an older bottle of Diorissimo for lily-of-the-valley loveliness, I can't pass up the chance on offer here. Fab opportunity, thank you all.

    Spring flowers - narcissi, lilac, daphne, hyacinths - all sing to me of Spring.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

    (My email is known to Scent and Sensibility from my posts on their blog, so I hope I can keep it secret here.)

  21. Love your description of this fragrance -I think fragrance PRs should employ you to write their copy! Bosky -lovely word, sums it up beautifully.
    Imogen {prembeauty}

  22. I love the smell of cut grass and bbqs! a sure sign the sun is finally starting to come out :) and perfume wise it would be sjp nyc perfume because it reminds me of such happy times at an airport duty free spraying my boyfriend with the stuff haha :)

    email: cazstar1989 @ googlemail . com

  23. My favourite Spring smell is a bacon sandwich cooking on a Sunday morning before I head out to eat it in the garden - where I can smell my flowers starting to bloom.

    So basically - bacon avec hyacinth.

    Where do I collect my prize?

  24. For spring, I love everything light and delicate- the scent of freshly cut grass, the scent of newly blossomed flowers and fresh fruit!

  25. I love wearing Thierry Mugler's Angel throughout the year so I don't change one for the spring. However, love the smell of fresh flowers in the park during spring.



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