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Saturday 2 April 2011

Give And Makeup

I get emails every now and again from people asking me what happens to all the things I sample for Get Lippie, and wondering if they can buy the samples that I've featured, particularly if I don't seem that enamoured with them, and a lot of people have been asking me recently if I will hold a blog sale.

First things first, I would never, ever sell something that was sent to Get Lippie for review purposes, for me to profit from something that was sent to me free of charge wouldn't be right.  So, what does happen to products that I don't finish, or don't like, or even simply get bored with?  Simply,  I donate them to Give and Makeup, an initiative I've supported since it first started late last year.

In very many respects, I'm a lucky woman, I have a roof over my head, a good job, and a stable relationship, plus I have the means to be able to afford to buy myself those little luxuries that make life seem a little more worth living.  But very many women don't, and, in particular women who are fleeing abusive relationships have neither the time, the money, nor the inclination to remember to pack toiletries to take with them when the time comes to make the break from abusive partnerships.  Further, lots of shelters are extremely short of cash and simply can't afford to provide such "luxuries" as shower gel, skin care and hair care to women and children when they get there.

Give and Makeup is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to distributing unwanted toiletries and cosmetics from individuals and companies who find they have an excess (no matter how big or small) to Refuge and Women's Aid, who then make sure that the products get into the hands of the women who need them.  Founded by Caroline Hirons, it's a simple, but rather genius idea, and donating to Give and Makeup gets easier every week as more and more volunteers sign up to help them expand their distribution network.

I can't deny that being able to donate my unwanted products goes some way toward assuaging a slightly guilty conscience about being such a consumerist in the first place, but, as I've discussed before, being able to take care of yourself in a stressful situation provides a psychological boost that's hard to replicate any other way, alongside Look Good, Feel Better, (another charity I support in a variety of ways) Give and Makeup helps women come to terms with their lives, by helping make demanding life circumstances easier.

Please help. If you have toiletries, cosmetics, hair care, or baby products to spare - lightly used is fine, they don't have to be brand new (although if the product has an applicator - such as mascara or lipgloss - then please ensure they are unopened, for hygiene reasons) then please consider sending them to Give and Makeup.

So, er, yeah, this is why there won't be any blog sales on Get Lippie any time soon, sorry!

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  1. Great post Lippie, and a great organisation. I have done some work for LGFB in the past and can't praise it enough. Well done xx

  2. Great post Lippie, and a great organisation. I have done some work for LGFB in the past and can't praise it enough. Well done xx

  3. sounds like a great cause! good for you :)


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