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Thursday 20 January 2011

Tom Ford Lipsticks: Smoke Red and Bruised Plum

I'm a very lucky woman, for Christmas this year I received not one, but two Tom Ford lipsticks!

Smoke Red on the left, Bruised Plum on the right there, excellent choices from MrLippie's mum!

But, before I go on to review them, can you see what I noticed about them?

Clue, one isn't closer to the camera, nor are they at an angle... Pretty though, ain't they?


  1. That is so odd! I spotted in the first picture and was trying to work out if it was an optical illusion.

    The taller one is definitely thinner so it's possible that they are the same weight but who wants to carve up at £35 lipstick to find out!

  2. You know, in the "flash" (as it were) the Bruised Plum doesn't look thinner at all. It's very odd.

    Still so very beautiful though. Am wearing smoke red today, and I NEED the cherry one. And a nude. Yes I do.

  3. Flesh, even. Stupid touch-typing.

  4. I wonder which one is the correct one according to the QC department?

    I'm jealous. Better than the plastic umbrella I received from the in-laws.

  5. And better than a Clarissa Dickson Wright book about greener living that I got one year! Please could you do some pics of shades - I have a need to see these. I can feel that this maybe a lipstick year just as lipstickmamma bites the dust! Jan x

  6. hmmmm that is interesting... I'm totally intimidated by the Tom Ford counter at my local department store... although I so want them to sell their nail polish individually from the Black Orchid lip and nail set...


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