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Thursday 27 January 2011

Cult Beauty: Live at Selfridges

Odd though it may seem, I'm not - actually - a big fan of makeup shopping online.  I like to see, touch, swatch and even smell the products I'm buying!  Also, when I decide I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW. None of which is possible from the comfort of your laptop, alas ...

Despite that, I do, occasionally buy things from beauty websites - usually things which are difficult/impossible to find on the high street - and one of the best ones I've visited is Cult Beauty. I do love their well thought out selection, and it's a nicely laid out site too.

So, with my dislike of online cosmetics shopping, and my love of Cult Beauty, I'm delighted that the CB girls are launching a pop-up shop in one of my real-life favourite stores, Selfridges (honestly, I'd move in, if I could), today!  Hoorah! I'll finally be able to do all the swatching and sniffing of their amazing stock that I need to before, no doubt,  handing over a goodly part of this month's salary for whatever it is I decide I can't live without today ...

The shop opens 27th Jan, and will be at Selfridges until Monday 31st January. For more details please click this link (and get yourself a nice little voucher for some freebies!)

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  1. *SIGH!* I wish I lived near Selfridges! I LOVE it!

    You'll have to report back when you've paid a visit to the pop up shop.


  2. I really only buy make up online that's pretty much foolproof (black liquid liner or a nail varnish I've checked a million swatches of) or stuff I've tried before (Xen Tan, Rimmel lipstick etc.)

    Now clothes is a different matter entirely....

  3. lol...and I'd be your neighbout if you ever DID move into Selfridge's...
    It was great to bump into the event (as it were) and even greater to bump into you. :-)


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