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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bourjois Little Round Pots

I love me some Bourjois, I think they're actually my favourite high street brand.  I find their products are very high quality for the price point (even as I notice that price point is creeping ever-upwards these days), but it's fair to say that my makeup collection contains a sizeable collection from the brand.

When I discovered they'd relaunched their entire collection of "Little Round Pots" recently - after being astonished to discover they were 150 years old! - I was a little concerned, as sometimes, reformulation generally means poorer quality, but on trialling a few over the last month or two I've had my concerns allayed somewhat, and I'm happy to say that the new, reformulated Little Round Pot is better than ever.

I picked up a selection of shades to try, as you can see above, clockwise from bottom left you have:

02 - glorious mermaid blue (shimmer)
04 - beautiful deep purple (shimmer)
14 - steely grey (shimmer)
07 -  deep blackened forest green (shimmer)
74 - purple-based taupe (shimmer)
13 - lightly pinked-purple (glitter)
11 - concrete grey (glitter) 
and in the centre, there is: 08 - an apricot-beige highlight shade.

Previously, the LRPs might have been considered a little hard, and were occasionally hard to blend, owing to their baked texture, but I've found that they're a lot softer these days, and easier to blend as a result.  If you're applying them dry, however (or without a base) then a lot of these shades can appear muddy if you over-blend.

I swatched them with a slightly damp brush, and I found this was amazing for bringing out the pigment to its full extent, some of these shades are very lovely indeed:

 Also, using a slightly damp brush (swatches are shown without a primer) means you get minimal fallout, and the glitter in the more dramatic shades will stay put!

In slightly different (less direct) light:

One quick note, if you apply the blue damp, it will stain your skin - I found that out the hard way!  I think my favourites are 11, 74 and seven.  How about you?

The Fine Print: PR samples, but I've bought loads of these too ... gotta love 'em. 
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  1. These look so good! I really want 02 and 08 x

  2. They all look lovely, might need to pick some of these up! I love 13 and 14 :)
    Belle xx

  3. Number two really does look amazing - in fact they all do. :)


  4. I really love this little pots I own only one of them, noir precieux and I love it. I especially like the shade range!

  5. I have 8, 54 and 74... Such beautiful neutrals :)

    Kelly x

  6. I love these shades. Sephora used to carry this in the US but it's gone! I noticed they now have the Kat Von Whatever line - what a misuse of shelf space.

  7. I love the new forumla - it's so much richer colourwise than the old one!

  8. Wow, that's a heck of a lot more pigment than a lot of them had before (they were so dusty and hardly showed up on my Asian skintone). I have the forest green and I've been duping NARS' amazing but pricey Rajasthan duo with it by smoking it out with a taupe shimmer base. It's stunning like that! Thanks for reminding me that I must try out the new formulations though, the mermaid blue looks amazing! x

  9. I love their eyeshadows I always find them hardwearing the pots are quite generous. I was told once that these are made at the same factory as Chanel. I can't remember who told me that or if they were saying it because they are both spherical but who knows?

  10. you know I probably would've just walked right by these in the shop but after seeing them swatched...I'm intrigued! Want!!!



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