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Thursday 7 October 2010

The Worst Makeover I Ever Had

Was at the Estee Lauder counter in the Liverpool branch of Boots a few years ago.

I only really have myself to blame, I'd ignored a few of my own hard and fast rules about makeovers (namely the ones about ignoring advice from someone who has deliberately turned themselves tangerine, and - my bad - the one about women who willingly wear black lipliner in the middle of the day having no business with their hands near my face), and gone for it in spite of myself.

I have to say, the girl was a dab hand with the highlighter, I had it everywhere.  Cheekbones, upper lip, and on my brow bones.  The stuff on my brow-bones was, I kid you not, an inch thick!  Worse though, she'd used so many products on my face that the whole thing started slipping even as she was applying it, meaning she had to cake more and more and more powder over the top to keep the "look" in place.  It looked, and I kid you not, like crazy paving by the end of it. And she was so proud!  I went back to the office afterwards, and after listening to the insane giggling and dodging a volley of remarks referencing Danny La Rue (imagine the above picture with dark hair, that was me, that was), I vowed, there and then to never go to an Estee Lauder counter for a makeover again.

Well, today I'm eating my words, as I've been invited to a makeup lesson at one of Estee's flagship stores, and I'm actually really looking forward to it.  I think the Estee Lauder brand has really pulled itself out of the "old lady" rut with the advent of Tom Pecheaux this year, I adored his Blue Dahlia collection a few months ago, and his Christmas collection (which I'll be showing you soon) is beautiful too!  Plus, they've promised not to make me look like an elderly drag queen today, which is nice.   I'll be showing you the results in the morning, so they can't say they haven't been warned!

So, what was your worst makeover like?


  1. Benefit counter, I asked for a subtle smokey eye and she scrawled 2 black circles round my peepers with that Bad Gal liner. I haven't shopped at Benefit since to be honest.


  2. Clarins at a wedding fayre in the Celtic Manor.
    I told her I wanted a smokey eye with a twist for my wedding make-up - what a big mistake.
    I had maroon (yes, MAROON) eyeshadow blended out all the way up to my brows and not a lot else! She then gave me Aunt Sally cheeks to boot. I looked like i'd been punched in both eyes.
    Spent the rest of the wedding fayre in the toilets scrubbing and sobbing.


  3. The worst makeover I ever had was at the recent Space NK Vogue Shopping Event. I did write about it on my blog if you want to check it out but basically not only was the makeup bad (think drunk drag queen) but the girl that did it had awful hygiene practices. I was lucky not to end up with pink eye. At least she didn't think I needed to "tan" up like every other counter worker I've spoken to!

    Kelly x

  4. lol yeah the pricey old people make up is sooo pigmented! I tryed YSL blush and it made me look like a clown(its sad that is still want it). But yeah please take pictures of what it looks like next time.

  5. When I was in 6th grade, my friends thought it would be fun to give me a makeover. It consisted of blow-drying my hair the wrong way, lots of blush and gold glitter eye shadow! The worst part...they took pictures! I still have them to this day. They put me in a black dress and made me hold roses! EEK!

  6. OMG I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one to have a bad Estee Lauder experience. I foolishly submitted to a makeover, wound up looking like a washed up drag act who's really been around the block while drinking and ingesting all sorts of drugs. And aged, to add insult to the injury. When I saw my face I cried. The "artist" was thoroughly unhelpful, yelled at me for not recognizing a professional and refused to take it off. En route to fleeing to buy make up remover wipes, a VERY lovely lady from the No7 counter came over to comfort me, offered to remove all the slap and said she'd reapply make up if I wanted it. I tell you, she was a real angel.

    It took FOUR wipes to remove it AND a thorough cleaning with one of the No7 cleansers. I swear I'm not exaggerating. The No 7 angel reapplied my make up, gave me a lovely look and you know what? I ended up buying products, just because she made me feel so good. I've not gone near an Estee Lauder counter since, even though I've been dying to try the Pecheux stuff, but I'm just SO terrified of that counter now.

  7. I decided to treat myself to a first makeover at the Chanel counter (I'm usually very leery of allowing anyone at the counters to touch my face). Decided smokey eye with the new holiday palette. Can't help it, she mentioned she was a Jersey girl and I immediately wished I hadn't let her start my makeup. I ended up with a very distinct highlight over my eyeshadow and my face was a yellowy peach brown (and powdered within an inch of my life). Granted my tone is a bit uneven but I'm very fair, not tan. My poor makeup wipes were brown and peach from all that bronzer, blush and bad foundation! I also broke out from the caked on makeup.

  8. This is what makes me too scared to get a makeover at a counter D:

  9. I recently had a "makeover" and I looked like a complete drag queen afterwards! they are definitely heavy with their eyeshadows and highlighter... highlighter was EVERYWHERE!! ugh... horrible just thinking about it. Clinique give much better makeovers, you look a bit more natural afterwards!


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