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Saturday 2 October 2010

So Annoying

I hate dodgy packaging:

Just went to apply my (lovely) Alpha H Age Delay treatment eye cream, and the nozzle has decided to stay in the lid!

Bye bye, eye cream, bye bye.


  1. Ruth (A Model Recommends)2 October 2010 at 11:32

    Oh no!! It's nice cream, as well. Bummer. Just what you need when you're trying to move house!

  2. Ugh, packaging fail. It looks like a full tube as well!

  3. Oh that sucks!! Was the tube full??

  4. What a bummer, at least it wasn't your fault - that is not meant to be a lame comment, but most of my failures in packaging are in lipsticks when I don't screw the bullet fully down before jamming (note the jamming) the lid down, or I fiddle about with the bullet mindlessly whilst the lid is on resulting in crushed bullets. Sympathy though - can you decant at all? Jan

  5. Can't you still use it? Granted I don't know much about eye cream, but could you still manage to just squeeze it on your finger and apply it?

    Fill me in, I am here to learn form you. lol

  6. There's nothing for the top to stay on, the cream will just dry out, sadly! Plus, that happened on the day I was moving house and so I didn't have anything handy to decant it into ...


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