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Friday 29 October 2010

Giveaway Time!

Oh, this latest Fleur Cherie collection from L'Occitane is so pretty! The full range is released on Monday, but I have a gift set to give away to one of my lucky readers. Containing a full size Fleur Cherie eau de toilette, a bath soap, a set of brightening face powder pearls and the almost too pretty to use lipgloss you can see above.

The Fleur Cherie range is based around orange blossom and all the items in the gift set are beautifully packaged and scented. This is a lovely present either for yourself or for hoarding for a Christmas gift for someone else. There's a whole range of makeup too, which I'll show you more of next week, I think you'll like it, I certainly do!

The rules:

1) be a follower of this blog via google friends connect (on the right there)
2) leave a comment on this blog post telling me your favourite scent, and why
3) be UK resident, and please leave an email address I can contact you on in your comment
4) that's it!

The prize will be despatched direct from L'Occitane's representatives upon receipt of a valid postal address.

Prize will be drawn on Friday 5th November - invalid entries will be disqualified. Good luck!



  1. eee how original and lovely giveaway. My favourite scent are vanilla, coconut and cocoa bean. My favourite cheapie perfume is amaretto from body shop x

  2. My favourite scent is CK Eternity, my first bottle was a present from my best friend who has now moved abroad and the smell of it reminds me of her :)

  3. I think I may have signed in twice now. I hope (and fully expect) this to double my chances.

    My favourite scent is Guerlain Insolence: because a) it never fails to get compliments and b) since I wore it on my wedding day the mere suggestion of the scent now gives me a happy warm glow.

  4. Hi! Please enter me,
    My favourite scent is D&G light blue, its so fresh and clean and fruity!
    Lots of Love Sam

  5. In terms of perfume, Chanel No 5. I am utterly obsessed by this perfume and it's my one splurging indulgence. People have argued I'm too young for it (well I'm not now but have been using it for ages) and that I should explore - and ok there are other perfumes I like. But No 5 is a safety blanket of the sort that takes me to lovely places.

    Other scents I like: roasting coffee, bread baking, my mum's famous stew simmering away on the stove - hey you did ask for scents;-).

  6. My favourite perfume is Viktor & Rolf. It invokes memories of last Christmas when I received it. My children laughing and happy, Spending time with my family and eating lots of christmassy food.

    And it smells gorgeous

  7. i love Guerlain Insolence as it is so fruity and lovely. other smells i like are the smell of cut grass :)


  8. Please enter me my fav scent is YSL babydoll, but I also love Ralph Lauren Romance!


  9. My favourite scent is actually a L'Occitane one! I'm in love with Eau de la Recolte Bleue. Love lavender, and love L'Occitane. Would love to try more of their range!

  10. My fave is Calanques which I bought in L'Isle sur la Sorgue this year. We spent a hot, hot day in Marseille and gave up queueing to see visit the actual islands but the smell of this perfume captures the holiday for me. Today I'm wearing Ruban d'Orange though - lovely Autumny scent. Love l'Occitaine, vive Provence!

    Lots of love

    Chris xx

  11. My favourite scent is actually fairly new (I get bored easily). It's Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood.

    On a purely aesthetic level, the packaging is gorgeous and is an obvious homage to Alice in Wonderland but more importantly the scent is divine. It's a subtle blend of musk and floral which is quite delicate rather than a full on assault on the senses. I've had many compliments since I bought it last weekend!

  12. Lovely giveaway - so many favourite scents so difficult to choose....I would have to go for Philosophy Amazing Grace, clean and fresh, perfect for my working day. Thanks for this. Jan x

  13. At the moment I am loving Amor Amor by Carachel. Such a dlicat warm scent. Reminds me of summer :)
    Computergirl2007blog (AT) yahoo (dot) co (Dot) uk

    Emma xx

  14. my fave scent is amor amor by cacherel, i've loved it since i was about 15!

  15. I love YSL's 'Elle', it was a present from a friend and I still love it. Helps that the bottle is bright pink too!

    Thanks very much!


  16. My favourite scent is Guerlain Pamplelune. Smells so fresh and gorgeous.

  17. My favourite scent is Chloe - it's not the most exciting, but I wore it for my wedding, so it always reminds me of walking down the aisle when I smell it!

    Ellie :)

  18. My favourite scent is Boss Woman as it reminds me of when I first went to uni, when I was 17!

    Anna x

  19. My favourite scent has to be anything citrus-y. I can't resist :)



  20. Issey d'Miyake- it was one of the first perfumes I ever bought :)

  21. My favourite at the moment is Glam Princess (Vera Wang) since it's a little heavier than my usual sweet, floral light scents. I feel the darkness complements the current season well, especially as whenever I spray on a lighter fragrance, I'm transported back to the sunny summer days. Then I look out of the window.

  22. peripatetic33 - google follower
    my favorite scent is play dough
    my favorite commercial scent is Calyx by Perscriptives because it smells outdoorsy green without being too flowery

  23. My favourite fragrance is Issey Miyake (the original one). But when I use it on me, it just doesn't smell the same, so I tend to follow people up escalators when the smell wafts past me. (My boyfriend has some too.)

    For individual smells I like Ylang Ylang and Verbena.

    nessa underscore hubbard at yahoo dot co dot uk

  24. My favourite perfume is Amor Amor by Cacharel. It's such a lovely, girlie scent :)

  25. My favourite scent is Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I just love how heady, sexy and sensual this perfume is - perfect xx

  26. I'm loving Serge Lutens' Feminite du Bois at the moment - so unusual, and good for Autumn.

    (helena @

  27. Perfume-wise my favourite scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy at the moment, but other scents include the smell of bonfires or open fires when you step outside in the autumn, cake baking in the oven, pine needles and the sea!x

  28. Ooooh my favourite perfume is Escada's Rockin Rio, a LE but I got it at Ibiza airport and it reminds me of bumming about on the beach by day and drinking cocktails by night!
    I also LOVE raspberry, I use the body butter and my boyfriend tells me I smell like jam the cheeky bugger!
    What a great giveaway!

  29. I love cinnamon. The lighter scent that you might find in a bakery rather than the heavier variety you find laced with clove at xmas time.

    tousledkitten on twitter if you want to contact x

  30. Muy fave scent is definitely Lola by Marc Jacobs. It's the one I wore on my wedding day and a mere whiff of it can transport me to that magical day.

    Lovely giveaway!

  31. Fab Giveaway! My favourite scent is CK Contradiction. I just love it. x


  32. Lacome Miracle is my favourite perfume and in terms of a general scent, it has to be freshly baked bread. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

  33. My favourite perfume is Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes. Favourite scents are cake while its baking, line dried bedding and lavendar.

  34. Hi! My favourite scent is Romance by Ralph Lauren as I love it as it's light and flowery and makes me feel really feminine.
    cathydavies8 at hotmail dot com
    I follow as Serafina
    thanks :)

  35. Ohhh I have so many faves, I'm very much the type of person who has various favourites that reflect whatever mood I am in that day haha. At the moment though I am loving Paco Rabanne Black XS and Lady Million as they both last an age when wearing them and make me feel great too.

    I have others that hold more memories for me when wearing them but I've already picked 2 rather than 1 really so won't push my luck haha. x

    clairesmail at virginmedia dot. com

  36. I struggle with scents, they always smell wrong on me. However, I tried Guerlain Shalimar once in a department store in Krakow. It was disgusting. I wanted to cut my arm off to remove the smell. Gross.

    20 minutes later I was suddenly sniffing my wrist in rapture. It was gorgeous. I don't know what happened, but unlike most perfumes - which start nice and turn rancid on me - Shalimar started rancid and then became delectable. I immediately bought it.

    If we're talking non-perfume, you can't beat the smell of onions frying (instant hunger, even from the dodgy sausage vans in the West End) and my homemade chocolate chop cookies.

    adarafu at gmail dot com

  37. Enter me please!
    My favourite scent is Chanel Coco Madeomoiselle, my mum bought it for me and whenever I wear it I feel so dressed up and expensive and it always reminds me of good times :)

    lovelaughlauren[at] x


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