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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Face of the Day - Berry Lips

Dark, gothic lipstick colours are very much the flavour of the day this season, so here's my take on the look:

I'm wearing Chanel tinted moisturiser, Edward Bess eyeshadow in Intimate, Dior purple eyeliner, and the lips are Daniel Sandler lipstick in Micro Berry. This shade, I've discovered, makes a really pretty stain too.

Will you be wearing dark lips this autumn?


  1. I'll be honest, when I saw this picture, my very first thought was that it didn't work, however, when I clicked the picture and looked at it full size I see I was completely wrong and in fact you can really carry it very well indeed. It does look lovely! Its a look that really suits you and that I could never carry off so I'm jealous.

  2. I agree with Charlie, I am looking at this on a tiny netbook, but a bigger photo and it all works really well, I think it compliments your hair. Interestingly when I click on my truly cringeworthy photos for FOTD, I look marginally less horrific in the bigger size, not that you look cringeworthy or horrific, I am applying those adjectives to me only! Jan x

  3. I like it! I like dark lips generally and was quite a pretendy goth in my youth. Bring on the dark lips I say!
    Jane x

  4. I'm always a little weary of dark lips. I have dark, dark brown hair, and I'm kind of pale. So I feel like dark lipstick will wash me out. Yours looks awesome though!

  5. Like the colour on you! Definitely berry lips all the way this autumn/winter. Its so sophisticated.

  6. Gosh! I haven't had that shade in years. That shade used to be my confidence booster. Shopping time for me then. BTW, that color looks great on you.

  7. These dark lips look fab! I'd love to try, but would worry I couldn't carry it off, and no doubt get a lot of laughs from my family! :(

  8. It looks gorgeous on you <3 I love dark lips, but for some reason never wear them myself.

  9. Love the new website! Enjoying looking around and seeing all the options available!!

  10. My first reaction to the the dark lip colour on you is that it looks very romantic. I hope that makes sense! x


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