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Monday 26 April 2010

Tarina Tarantino Makeup Collection

These little pretties arrived courtesy of the international mail on Friday, and how gorgeous are they?  I owe the gorgeous Paula at Older Girl Beauty a massive thank you for sorting out a gorgeous delivery for me!

The pic on the left shows two eyeshadows (in headband and brooch) a blush (in feather) and a lipstick in cameo.  Tarina also designs jewellery, and as you can see, a lot of thought has gone into designing the outside of this range.

But, do the insides measure up?  Swatches after the jump.

Here's how the colours look in the pan - I deliberately picked neutrals as I wasn't sure what the coloured items were going to be like:

Clockwise from bottom left, Brooch, Headband, Cameo and Feather. They're all very pretty, but ... it has to be said, the quality doesn't quite match up to the packaging. Here's how they swatch:

Note, these are swatched pretty heavily, and they're nice ... but, they're not as pigmented as I would like.  In fact the blush is probably the most pigmented of the three.  Headband (middle) has been swatched about four or five times, it's exceptionally sheer, but it is a very pretty, slightly glittery shade apricot shade.  Brooch is a true brown, which doesn't appear to pull either red or orange, so that's good, it's a slightly less pigmented version of NARS Mekong on my skin.  Feather is really very pretty peachy-pink shade.

Here's Cameo:

I have to admit that this is a lovely lipstick, and the packaging is very definitely done well, there's a satisfying "click" when the lid slides into position. Very hydrating, this is a very lovely "my lips but better" shade.

However, I realised I already own this colour almost as soon as it arrived (and I only noticed it because I happened to have the other two in my makeup bag already!):

L-R Chanel Incognito, Becca Giselle, Tarina Tarantino Cameo.  Just as well, I love this shade!  Here's how they all swatch - they do look more different out of the tube than in it:

Incognito and Cameo are both on the pinker side, though Cameo is sheerer, and Giselle is more beige than either. These shades are about as nude as I can go though, any paler and I look like death warmed up.

What do you think, does a beautiful exterior allow you to overlook slightly underwhelming contents?  Do you own multiple versions of the same shade?


  1. Judging solely by what I've seen on blogs, I was really underwhelmed by the products too :(

  2. I am not excited about this line and I don't think that I will be getting anything but thank you for review, was interesting to read your thoughts.

  3. I am guilty as charged when it comes to buying terrible products just because the packaging is lovely and pretty! I try and overlook the underwhelmingness and get some use out of it, but you can guarantee it will end up in my make-up graveyard within a few months!

  4. The packaging is so pretty!

  5. The packaging is pretty, not something I'd love to have but as you say, it reflects the designer perfectly.
    The blush and lippie are beautiful! Not so much the shadows. Luckily, I don't have many similar shades - yet!

  6. I am so glad they got there for you to try them. Funny about the lippie is that you studied and *chose* that one. You DEF know what you like. ;) xo

  7. I really like the look of the brown, I have such a love of brown eyeshadow though. It looks like a good true shade.

    am I allowed to still snigger everytime I see Mekong?


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