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Thursday 22 April 2010

Estee Lauder - Bronze Goddess Applied (FotD)

There were a lot of comments about the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess collection that I showed you the other day, so I thought I'd show you how that little lot looks applied too.  Yeah, no idea why I thought a quiff was a good idea either, anyhoo, onto the pics:

Again, the pic is enlargeable, with the usual caveats (cold, terrible hair, and so on...).  For reference, I used the Shimmering Sand and Ultra Violet shadows - which blend out pretty well, actually - alongside the Exotic bronzing blush and the Wild Orchid lipgloss, which is beautifully wearable, and surprisingly versatile, bearing in mind it's rather ... er ... scary shade in the tube.  Tastes nice too, light vanilla scent.

Don't worry, I've got other things to talk about as well as showing you my ugly mug (again) today ... back later!


  1. Gorgeous look! I am tempted by most of this collection. I love the Estee Lauder eyeshadows, my latest FOTD was with the deluxe palette.

    I pretty much want everything!!

  2. I ordered the two glosses from this collection last night, so excited :)

    Kelly x

  3. This looks gorgeous. Very tempted by the blush/bronzer thingy and gloss.


  4. Looks lovely - you can really carry off bright lippies well!

  5. The lipgloss looks beautiful on you :)

  6. I think such colours work amazing for you! x

  7. You made me want the bronzing blush even more now...


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