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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Highlighters - loose powders

Following on from yesterday's post, here's some loose powder highlighters I have.  To be fair, there's only two, but there is a reason for that, as we'll see:

Revlon Skinlights highlighter: I'm not sure if this one is still available or not, but it's one I'm not that fond of, being a bit, well, gravelly, and exceedingly glittery. A little bit of it does go a very long way though, this pot is a couple of years old (it has seen regular use) and it's still very full.  It's great if you want to dress yourself up as a fairy, or need something with a little more pizazz. Subtle it isn't. It's also useful dusted very lightly over a matte eyeshadow look to give it a shimmery, glittery effect, which is what I mainly use it for. But it's far too glittery for use as a cheek highlight on my pale-custard coloured skin, alas.

Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance: I've had this little pot for a while, and I'll be honest, I don't use it very often.  It's not actually meant to be used as a highlighter proper (or what I think of as proper highlighter use, anyway, which might not be the same thing), it's more meant to  be used as an all-over "brightening" or radiance powder.  I find the lightly pinky peach shade is fairly flattering, more so than the more usual silvery pinks, but even so, I can't figure out a way to use this without it making me feel like I'm wearing a gauze-y mask.  Anyone else have this problem?

Am I missing a trick here?  Are there any loose highlighter powders around that are amazing? What are your recommendations?


  1. I didn't realise their was a loose powder version of Revlon Skinlights, I love their cream version! As for loose powders, the only one I use is MAC's vanilla pigment. It's great for highlighting the brow bone and the cheekbones, so pretty! x

  2. I've found with most BE face products that less is more. I usually apply the highlighting/radiance powders with a skunk or fan brush.

  3. Yes, surprisingly E Funkhouser shimmer powder is a gorgeous losse powder highlighter- works amazingly on brown bones and the bow of the lip x

  4. I love my makeup forever highlighting powder. I also love my Laura Mercier Mosaic in the original format. It has a stunning highlight colour in there that I use loads. x

  5. I also use the Laura Mercier Mosaics. I use Peach the most and then layer a light blush on top of it. Works 99.9% of the time!


  6. Mosaics are *pressed* though, right? I haven't got onto pressed highlighters yet ;) was specifically asking about loose powders today as I've not yet found any I like all that much.

  7. I guess the only advice I have is to use a really fluffy brush (like a fiber optic one) and buff the crap out of it XD or go for a mineral one that is REALLY finely milled.

    Silk Naturals make an eyeshadow called Sonic, which would make a GREAT highlighter. I use it as an inner corner highlight at the moment, but when I use it as a brow highlight it just adds a really pretty sheen and the tiniest bit of shimmer - though it looks super shimmer in the jar it's nice when buffed out and/or applied lightly.

  8. I'm too scared to use loose powder higlighters incase it goes all over me!

    I like it pressed for summer and liquid for winter. At the moment I'm using Prestige's Skin Loving Minerals Sunbaked bronzer in Pure Shimmer - Which is more golden than bronze.
    I dust a bit of this on the cheekbone and I'm good to go! x

  9. I'll be waiting for the pressed highlighters/illuminating compacts. :)

    Meanwhile, I'm looking for the Boot's Illuminator. No success :( Do you know where I can find it? The only one I found is this "Boots No7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion"

    hmmm ... :-\

  10. I would like to try Albatross Highlighter from Nars, as I have read it is an amazing hightlighter!


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