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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge Lipstick - Swatches & Comparisons

On Monday I showed you pristine bullets of Scarlet Rouge and Indian Rose, and yesterday I showed you Indian Rose in more depth.  Today it's Scarlet Rouge's turn.  I own quite a few of the original Private Collection reds (Cherry Lush and Smoke Red are particular faves), but Scarlet Rouge still called out to me when I saw it.

It's a classic red creme finish with none of the micro-shimmer of Indian Rose or Smoke Red, and it leans a little warm, as it has orange undertones.  In the bullet, Scarlet Rouge and Smoke Red are fairly indistinguishable:


No Flash
You can see the difference in the finish here - those "dimples" in the Smoke Red are the microshimmer hitting the light)  however, on swatching, the difference is immediately apparent:

Scarlet Rouge is brighter, and very definitely warmer.  Smoke Red has a very blue base in comparison.  Something of the brightness of Scarlet Rouge here reminded me of Cherry Lush, so I thought I'd compare those too:

Very different in the bullet, aside from sharing the same non-shimmer creme finish.  Here's how they swatch:

Very similar in brightness, but the Cherry Lush is definitely pinker.  So no dupe here! They're both great colours though.

Scarlet Rouge is a bright, with a soft satin finish.  Perfect for scaring people in board meetings:

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tom Ford Indian Rose Lipstick - Swatches & Comparisons

So, yesterday, I said I bought Scarlet Rouge and Indian Rose.  Today I'll show you Indian Rose in depth.  A rosy nude shade, with almost invisible (on the lips) micro shimmer,  Indian Rose is a little easier for me to wear than the old nude shades in the private collection range of lipsticks, a lot of which leaned a little too beige for them to be easily wearable for a lot of people, if you ask me.

Indian Rose is very similar in appearance to Pink Dusk (which is still available in the new line-up), but it's a little darker, and a little less beige when swatched:

With Flash

No Flash
As you can see, in the bullet, Indian Rose appears just a tad darker, and has a hint of shimmer that Pink Dusk lacks.  In the swatches, however, the difference is a little more pronounced:

It is definitely pinker, and darker, and the shimmer adds a bit more depth to the shade, but it's not really a "shimmer" shade, as such.   Also, it's definitely still a nude, even though it appears very dark on my skin here.  The lip swatches show this better:

I admit that I do, at times, find Pink Dusk difficult to wear, if my makeup isn't exactly right, the slightly yellow base to the shade can make me look a bit "corpse-y", so Indian Rose is a good addition to my collection, as it'll be a little more neutral, and thus a little more versatile.

The new formula appears to be just as creamy as the old, and is just as pigmented.  This makes me happy.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Tom Ford Lipstick - Scarlet Rouge and Indian Rose

I was accidentally at the brand new Tom Ford counter in Harrods on Saturday, and, after fighting my way through the hordes (seriously, it was three or four people deep there, if I hadn't already known what I wanted when I got there, I'd have just given up), I picked up a couple of the new lipsticks.   The new lipsticks are in brown packaging topped with a "TF", as opposed to the original white and gold topped with "Tom Ford":

Yours will come *without* the optional thumbprint. D'oh!
I've seen it look rather flat in a lot of photos, but there is actually a lovely hint of chatoyancy about the packaging, it rather looks like enamelling, also nice and expensive.  Size-wise and weight-wise, they're identical to the original Private Collection packaging. 

So, onto the shades I chose: Scarlet Rouge, which is, in case the name didn't give it away, a red.  Slightly orange in tone, it's on the warmer side for a Tom Ford red, and I also picked up Indian Pink, a rosy nude shade.  Somewhat similar to Pink Dusk, but it's very lovely.

Here's a selection of shots under various lighting conditions:

Scarlet Rouge is an opaque creme finish, and Indian Rose has a slight - very slight - microshimmer.

Tune in tomorrow for some swatches and comparisons with other shades in the range.  Oh, and I'll show you what else I bought from the range too ... 

Tom Ford Full Colour is currently available at Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, the lipsticks cost £36. 

The Fine Print: Purchases.  Hard fought for, and won.  Dear Tom Ford, my bank manager hates you.

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Week in Lipstick - 04 September 2011

It's been a pale pink week this week for some reason (well, the reason being that I've been wearing very dark eyeshadow, I suppose).  This week's entrants to the hall of fame are:

Chantecaille Lip Chic - China Rose
Chantecaille Lip Chic - Tea Rose
Avon - Baby Lips
No7 Poppy King Lipstick - Glamour
Clarins Joli Rouge - Pink Blossom
Vapour Organics Elixir Plumping Gloss - Bitten
Tarina Tarantino - Cameo

Remarkably similar this bunch, if you take the Chantecaille Tea Rose and Vapour gloss out of the equation.  Very different textures, all of them, though.  I think the Chantecaille Lip Chics might currently be my favourite lipstick texture of all, soft and moisturising, and, whilst sheer, they're pigmented enough for a really polished look.  There will be a full review of both of these and the Vapour gloss soon though.

Here are the swatches:

Yup.  Very similar.  What can I say?  I get into a groove with shades sometimes ...

Oh, and a little sneaky preview for you of what I have coming up this week:

Why yes, that IS a wall of Tom Ford.  How did you guess?  It's incomplete though, I have discovered that True Coral is so disgusted with my total inability to wear it that it's gone walkabout.  Pfeh.

The Fine Print - This week a selection of purchases, PR samples and gifts.  Fear my overdraft fees this month!  Fear them! But then, who needs food anyway?

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kenzo Homme Woody EDT

So, I let MrLippie off the leash with a new aftershave the other week, and this is what he came up with:
MrLippie says: I'm back! And I have yet another fragrance to rave about! Kenzo Homme came in the post the other week (as an afterthought/bonus to something Get Lippie herself was expecting),and it immediately grabbed my attention.
The packaging is understated, with the box being white with a soft focus photo of a bamboo section. uber-manly connections so far, nor the complete minimalism of brands like Armani Code.
So, what's in the box?
The bottle is trying to continue the suggestion of bamboo, being at a slight angle, with the leaf inscribed upon it, and the lid at a an angle which continues the Far Eastern association. For me, this is quite effective, as the imagery manages to evoke Feudal Japan - with the whole package of Samurai, Ninjas, etc - thankfully I never got trapped into Manga - otherwise there'd be all sorts of other weird images in here too!
Right, onto the scent itself. The initial notes are citrussy - but it's subtle, rather than overpowering. There's an intriguing fresh scent at the back - a study of the ingredients list suggests that it's either one of cinammon or coumarin.
Over time, the citrus fades - and it's the freshness that remains. I have to say, Kenzo Homme has rapidly forced itself into my conciousness - when I first smelt this, it completely grabbed me by the throat, took me outside, beat me with a crowbar, and attached electrodes to various sensitive parts of my body and injected me with hallucinogenic drugs until I begrudgingly agreed to wear it for the next couple of weeks. Or maybe that didn't happen at all....
Get Lippie says: I am assured by various agencies that no hallucinogenics were harmed in either the writing of this review, or the manufacture of this fragrance. 
That out of the way, this is an extremely nice, woody, surprisingly non-sporty and un-stereotypical male fragrance.  I like it a great deal, it suits MrL very well, it's warm, and quite sexy, and doesn't smell typically "male high street fragrance".  I guess there will be a back up purchase of this in the near future, as I suspect someone has been drinking it...
The Fine Print: Unexpected - and rather nice - PR sample.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Aftelier Perfumes - Haute Claire

 A couple of weeks ago, my good friend (and evil perfume enabler) Nathan Branch decided to do a little perfume matchmaking because he'd decided it was time Mandy Aftel and I got acquainted.  I was delighted, as I've been following the reviews of Mandy's perfumes for months, and had spent many happy hours filling imaginary shopping baskets on her website.  Then not ordering any of the samples I had because I simply couldn't choose between them.

For those who don't know, Mandy is a self-taught perfumer, specialising in all-natural perfumes.  She has an uncompromising approach to ingredients, demanding the best, and using only those things she feels are right in every one of her fragrances.  And what fragrances they are ... Mandy sent me a box of tiny sample bottles of her fragrances a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that I love them all, very much.

But, for me, so far, there has been one fragrance out of all that I selected (including Fig, Tango, Lumiere and Cepes & Tuberose) that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Haute Claire.  Put simply, I sprayed one spray and my heart was gone, there was nothing else I wanted to wear.  Which is a difficult position to be in when one is eight months into a year-long perfume project!

Conceived during Nathan's Letters to a Fellow Perfumer series whereby both Liz Zorn and Mandy Aftel came up with a fragrance using a similar theme, Haute Claire is a marriage of resinous galbanum and tropical ylang ylang, or, if you want to be reductive, a smoky-floral-green-banana (my description, not Mandy's!).  It is exceedingly difficult to describe the scent - Mr Lippie describes it as "sharp", and as the meaning of "Haute Claire" is "High and Clear", I think he's onto something there.

However, Haute Claire is also soft and rounded under the sharpness, and it is this constant interplay between a sharply resinous scent, and a rounded banana-vanilla -which doesn't actually exist, Haute Claire doesn't smell of banana at all, but there is a definite creamy note to this fragrance, chocolate-y even, but it doesn't smell of chocolate either. Not exactly. - that makes this interesting. It doesn't smell like anything else, it smells precisely of itself.  That makes no sense written down, but it makes sense from over here.  Well, in my head it does.  So there.

I've found that Aftelier Perfumes tend to whisper rather than shout, staying close to the body, but they're very longlasting overall, and Haute Claire has been no exception to this, it's office safe, but very distinctive. 

Haute Claire is a playful fragrance, it likes to play hide and seek on my skin.  When I go hunting for it, sniffing at the spots I've sprayed, I can never find it, and yet, a few seconds or minutes or even hours later, I'll get a little hint of it, seemingly out of nowhere, and it makes me smile.  Every. Single. Time.

In a nutshell, if perfume were available on prescription, Haute Claire would be Prozac.  Haute Claire costs $150 for a 30ml bottle from Aftelier Perfumes. But you can also buy a 0.25 ml sample for $6, which would be good for at least a week's worth of daily wear.

Now, if you've made it this far in the review you probably think I've gone mental - and you'd be right, but it's not because of this, I assure you - but if you're intrigued, even a little, then Mandy and I would like to offer you the opportunity to try the fragrance for yourself. If you leave a comment on this post, alongside your email address, telling me what your favourite "unusual" smell is, then you're in with a chance of winning the 5ml spray sample vial you can see pictured.  Mandy will ship the fragrance worldwide, so this giveaway is open to everyone.  Good luck!  I'll draw the winner at random, on Wednesday of next week.

The Fine Print: Samples provided by Mandy Aftel for review.  Links, as always are for informational purpose only, and are not affiliate links.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More Chanel Nails - Graphite, Quartz and Peridot

I am nothing if not predictable, for, after my last Chanel post, I did indeed go out and add Graphite and Quartz to my collection:

I'd initially disregarded Quartz and Graphite as not being unique enough, but, on discovering that Peridot was possibly slightly ... um ... too unique for me, I thought I'd pick them up anyway.  And I'm glad I did, because they're both very lovely.

 Graphite is a speckled grey foil, with hints of silver, grey, and green.  It's very sheer on application, but covers nicely.  Here, I used two coats, with no topcoat:

No word of a lie, this is similar to OPI's Glitzerland, but it's slightly greener, and leans more pewter than silver.  I like it a lot, but there was still a lot of visible nail line, and I could probably have done with a third coat.

I surprised myself for really falling for Quartz:

A soft pearlised taupe, with a fine silver shimmer running through it, this is really lovely:

I was delighted to see that under the right lighting conditions, Quartz has a multi-coloured micro-shimmer.  Sadly, because I am a photographic doofus, I couldn't recreate the lighting in-camera, though I kept trying:

It's not quite how it appears under the right lighting, but it's close.  Under most lights, it just appears a nice pearly taupe, not quite as grey as it appears in the bottle.

And, because I'm a completist, and I know a few of my readers are too, here's Peridot, once more (but just once):

And there you have it.  The sad, sad signs of a makeup addict ...

The Fine Print: Purchases.  Sweet, sweet, purchases.   
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