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Thursday 7 May 2015

Hylamide SubQ Anti Age and SubQ Eye Serum

More colourfully packaged skincare for you today, but this time for your face.  I've been trialling the much-hyped Hylamide face and eye serums for a few weeks now, and it's time to share my thoughts of each.

Deciem make a huge range of specifically targeted hair and body (both for internal and external use) products now, but the Hylamide range is the first face-specific produce they have released.  Hylamide SubQ is, at heart, a hyaluronic-acid based serum, designed for dehydrated skins. Practically 99% of people have dehydrated skin to some degree, so almost everyone can benefit from a hyaluronic acid-based product somewhere in their regime. 

 Housed in medicine-style bottles with a handy dropper, which makes using just a couple of drops very simple, the Hylamide products are both cutely and usefully packaged.  Containing five hyaluronic acid from five different sources, alongside copper and peptides, both serums are meant to be multi-tasking, tackling other concerns alongside simple dehydration, such as fine lines, both surface and deeper level hydration, they both work on firmness and evening out skintone too.  The eye serum also works on puffiness and dark circles.

Both thin and light serums, Hylamide SubQ is watery feeling, and you only need three or four drops to cover your whole face, whereas Hylamide SubQ eyes is slightly thicker and more milky, and you only need one (big) drop to cover both eyes.  Both leave your skin feeling refreshed and silky, and they sink in almost immediately, not leaving any residue at all.

Before I go much further though, I have to admit that the eye serum stung like :redacted*: well, it stung a LOT, but it didn't produce any signs of allergy aside from the burning, and didn't cause any redness or irritation, and if  I hadn't had to stop use early thanks to the burning, I suspect I'd have liked the product a lot more.  This is the first eye product I've tried in years that has stung, so it may be one for my sensitive-skinned sisters to avoid at all costs.  As it was, I was more than a little disappointed that I did find I had dehydration lines during the day on several occasions where I'd had less than optimal sleep when I was using this, so giving it up wasn't too hard, in all honesty.

However, I have been impressed with the non-eye serum, it is light and hydrating, and I like it very much indeed. It is perfect for adding moisture without greasiness. It is another one of those products where, if you have good skin, you probably won't think it is doing much for you, but you'll notice the difference when you stop - certainly I have found that when I don't use it for a day or two, my skin is noticeably more dull and less hydrated as a result.  I suspect if you have very dehydrated skin, you'd love this, possibly even more than I do.  I like the dropper for being able to use a measured "dose", too, meaning this little 30ml bottle will last a long time. 

Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age is available from Boots and costs £30, where the eye serum will cost £27. 

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