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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Prismologie at SpaceNK

Intrigued by the invitiation which promised a global launch of a "beauty first", I trekked along to the Knightsbridge branch of SpaceNK recently (it's a hard life), and discovered Prismologie, A colourful and luxurious body care range. Prismologie promises to help lift your mood as well as care for your skin.

Taking the basics of colour-therapy as its starting point, Prismologie has 12 products divided into six colour ways each with a specific mood as its inspiration, and each has a corresponding scent and gem combination in the ingredients. There are signs that Prismologie is also incorporating some aromatherapy, and a little healing crystal therapy into the range, too:

White Beginning - consisting of a body wash and a rich body cream, for contemplation and relaxation.  This range is scented with neroli. and contains micro diamonds.
Yellow Day - a body lotion and a shower gel, to bring radiance and confidence.  This range is scented with bergamot and contains citrine.
The Red Hour - A foaming scrub and a dry oil, for stimulation and passion. This is scented with cedarwood, and contains ruby.
Green Epoch - a hand polish and bath oil, for serenity. With vetiver, and jade.
Pink O'Clock - hand cream and a cream-to-powder body balm for compassion and tenderness, scented with rose, and containing rose quartz.
and finally Indigo Interlude - a foot cream and a massage candle, for stillness and to help relax.  The indigo range smells of oud, and contains sapphire.

The scents for the range have been created sympathetically by Ruth Mastenbroek, and the products, from whichever colourway you pick, smell divine.  The neroli-scented body-cream in particular is absolutely gorgeous, and personally, I'd have adored it if the entire range smelt of it, personally, but all the scents are very good indeed.  I thought the oud in the footcream was an unusual - and brave - choice, but it smells woodsy and clean in this formulation. I think it's a sign that oud really has gone mainstream now though.  I mean, it's a footcream, not exactly the most glamorous of products, lets face it ...

The products themselves aren't coloured to match the (beautiful) packaging  - the range contains no parabens, SLS, mineral oil and are not tested on animals - but they are nice to use, and do what they're said to do on the label.  The White Beginning body cream is my particular favourite, it is rich and thick, and takes time to sink in, but the beyond gorgeous scent makes up for it.  I'm normally a body cream avoider (life's too short, and I don't have dry skin), but I've made a space for this one every day since I picked it up.

I remain sceptical - well I would - on the therapeutic benefits of the range, much as I would with any range that maintains to alter wellbeing through colour, or scent, but it is clear that the founders, mother and daughter team Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah have produced a well thought through, and very high-quality range of products (every part of the body, right down to the cuticles, is catered for), which is delivered in beautiful, extremely eyecatching packaging.

Prismologie lands in SpaceNK on 12th May, and prices will start at £30.

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