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Wednesday 26 November 2014

NYK1 Nailac "Shellac" Starter Kit

We're featuring our pick of the best beauty-related Christmas presents this week, and here we have a pro-gel nails kit for less than the price of those consumer ones you can get in Boots.  For £49.95 you can get a two colours, a UV lamp, and all the assorted top and basecoats, plus preparation bits and pieces in the NYK1 Nailac Starter Kit, which is rather amazing.

You pick two colours of your choice, and everything else comes included.  It's an excellent kit, I've had a lot of fun playing with it - the lamp is a lot bigger than I expected it to be though, which was a surprise!  It's fairly simple to use, as long as you do not, under any circumstances, lose the instructions, which, me being a doofus did almost straight away.  I soon got the hang though, and I love the kit.  The lamp is even big enough to do your toes, which is cool.

For anyone even slightly interested in gel manicures, this is a great, fabulously priced place to start experimenting.  The polishes don't air-dry at all, so you can keep wiping it off if you accidentally apply it in a messy fashion ... like I  frequently do!

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