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Monday, 24 November 2014

Gillan Battery Pouch from

 The post deliveries for Get Lippie arrive at my office.  My colleagues are used to random stuff turning up but nothing, and I mean nothing, elicited so many excited calls of "this is the best thing you've ever got" around the office as this little purple makeup bag.

This is because the Gillan Battery Pouch has a little secret:

Can you tell what it is?  It's a micro-USB connector, and the Gillan Battery Pouch is actually a phone charger!

It is seriously handy.  It carries enough charge to fill up a completely dead iphone battery 1.5 times, which is more than enough to get you through the day, plus it carries lipsticks, face powders, everything you need to keep yourself presentable besides!  It's made of leather, and costs £50.  It's an ideal Christmas present for any beauty geeks you might know, and THIS beauty geek adores hers.  You can find them (in all different colours, and patterns) here: and if Santa is reading this, I'd like a Mighty Purse in glossy black for Christmas please!

Things you need to know:   There are micro-USB to Lightening connectors available separately on the WowThem website, so you will be able to also use this to charge your iPhones, and iPods as well as any other MicroUSB-charged items, for example, I've successfully charged my iPhone, my Nokia Lumia 1040 and my Kindle with the Gillan.  I've noticed that it can take a while to charge the pouch from a computer, but it is much quicker from a charger plugged directly into the mains.  It gets a bit warm inside the pouch, so you might want to take any really expensive lipsticks out of the pouch before you charge your phone.  I take no responsibility if you accidentally melt your Tom Fords!

I take mine *everywhere*, there's nothing worse than running out of battery unexpectedly during the day, and this is fab for not being just one more thing that you have to carry around with you too.  I always have a makeup bag with me, so having one that is more useful than normal is really great.

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