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Monday, 3 November 2014

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

Being rather cool-toned, most "nude" palettes are too brown for me.  I'm pink (and red) and white, mostly, and shades of beige and tan just look orange on my exceedingly pale face. Urban Decay Naked, for example, lovely though it is, might as well be neon orange for all the use I get out of it.

However, when a nice, slightly greyed "nude" palette turns up, that isn't too brown, I'm ecstatic.  So say hello to Bobbi Brown's Smokey Nudes palette, which has been the only thing I've wanted to wear lately:

Housed in the brands distinctive two layer compact palettes, this is a pale-cool girls dream:

Top layer, clockwise from top left:
Cream (matte) creamy white base shade
Nude (matte) cool flesh tone
Silver Brown (sparkle) sparkling cool brown
Woodrose (matte) greyed mauve nude (my favourite!)

Bottom layer, clockwise from top left:
Watercolour Pink (sparkle) love the shade of this almost holographic pink in the palette
Nude Beach (sparkle) slightly taupe flesh shade
Smoked (matte) dark blue-grey liner colour.
Smokey Brown (metallic) metallic taupe.

The shades are all on the cool side, and the payoff isn't bad at all:

top layer: Cream, Nude, Silver Brown, Woodrose

 You can see on my hand that the cream swatch just disappears into my skin, and the nude shade doesn't look orange at all.  Yes, Silver Brown (bottom right) is a little gritty with sparkle, but it's nice for adding a little depth to a "makeup free" look.

Bottom layer: Watercolour Pink, Nude Beach, Smoked, Smokey Brown

The two very pale sparkly shades here I won't get too much use out of, to be honest, but they are both very pretty, and if you like a bit of sparkle (and many of you reading this do), then you'll love these, as they aren't just a gritty powder with a hint of glitter in there, they're actually fairly pigmented in their own right too,  The taupe and dark grey-blue though, I adore, and they're great all-round shades you can either apply lightly for a more natural look, or apply with a little more abandon for a smokier effect.

It's a versatile, multi-use palette suitable for a variety of skin-tones, but us cooler-toned peeps will love it more.  It's a limited edition, due off counter very soon, so go snap one up if you see it.

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