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Thursday 18 July 2013

Hot Weather Helpers

Knowing my luck, by the time you read this, the weather will have broken, and we'll have been plunged back into the perma-winter we've known this entire year.  In which case, please accept my sincere apologies, and hopefully this will come in handy for the four days of summer we're likely to get next year ... 

I'm addicted to sprays in the summer, and two of the best I've found this year are the Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water:

Lightly scented, yet highly emollient, this is good for those days where you need both cooling down, and a hit of moisture in your skin.  This is lovely, and I really like the new packaging.

And, for those days when your skin is either pumping out the grease, or you just want a super-refreshing spray, you need Suti Peppermint Toning Water:

Like a tube of polos in liquid form, this refreshes the parts other toners cannot reach.  I have a bottle on my desk, and a bottle in the fridge at all times.  Handy hint, it's great for spraying on your feet both to cool, and neutralise any nasty niffs.

And finally, an oldie, but the best summer helper EVER is this:  Bodyglide:

For when your sandals rub your feet, or when your straps rub your skin, or where any bits of your skin rub against other bits of your skin (yes, thighs, I'm looking at you) this is the business.  Stops rubbing, chafing and blistering on any part of your body.  It's ACES.  Get some.  I've found the big tubes on Amazon for around £12 or so, but one should last you at least a year (you don't need much), and it's the best investment I make every single summer.  Get one.  Get two, in fact, and carry one round with you at all times.  You'll never regret it.

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  1. Great products! It's funny that markets don't sell stuff like this much. Thanks for posting this!!!

  2. Yes, you're right. I DO need Suti Peppermint Toning Water! Right now, ideally.


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