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Sunday 5 May 2013

Lippie's Lust List #5 - Urban Decay Eyeliner Vault

Released on May 2nd, this set of 40 of Urban Decay's eyeliners is stunningly beautiful.  I want it very much.

However, it's £240 so it can sod off.

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  1. Wow, it's like those sets of coloured pencils you used to get as a kid, only with eyeliners! I love it! But I'd never buy it :-(

    How could one person use all those before they dried up? Madness.

  2. £240 jeeze thats a mental pricetag! Would be great for my kit though but like you i wont be spending that much on it!

    Ems xoxo

  3. They don't dry up. I have many Urban Decay eyeliners and none has ever dried up. Also £240 is a very good deal, you get 40 eyeliners for £6 each. They cost £14 individually. Do the maths. ;)

    1. I'm an accountant, trust me, I've done the maths. £240 is still a LOT of money in anyone's book.

      And eyeliners *do* dry up - waxes dry out, and oils evaporate.

  4. They've made a limited number of these, haven't they? Obviously they knew only a few fools with more money than sense would buy it.

  5. Could you buy yourself a set of felt-tip pens and pretend they're eyeliners?

  6. Oh but I'd so buy it if I had the money! It's the stuff of my most wonderful beauty dreams!


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