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Friday 3 May 2013

Jo Malone London Osmanthus Blossom

The latest beautifully packaged fragrance from Jo Malone London is Osmanthus Blossom.  A delicate, fresh floral, this is gorgeously spring-like, with hints of apricot and cashmere wood in the base.

The bottle is etched, and comes with a coloured back panel too:

The scent is lovely and light, very simple and crisp, gently floral without being too granny-like.  It's easy to wear, and perfectly suitable for spring.  I've been wearing it layered over Jo Malone London Blackberry and Bay - which I always think of as a very autumn-like scent, and the pairing works really well.  The Osmanthus softens out the rather masculine bay, and the soapy-blackberry note sweeten up the floral tendencies of the Osmanthus.

In what is increasingly looking like an over-saturation of Jo Malone launches this year (I ignored the "English Desserts" collection of a month or two ago, as they were all, frankly, disgustingly over-sweet and very definitely aimed at a different market to myself) this is a fragrance I'm surprised to find myself writing about to be honest, but it's very definitely a "nice" scent, and will make a wonderful gift thanks to the fabulous packaging.

Osmanthus Blossom will cost £38 for 30ml, or £78 for 100ml when it's released in May.

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