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Monday 20 May 2013

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Remover Review

Now, I don't have a moustache, but, if I did, I like to think I'd rock it a bit like this:

Sadly, as the moustache I most definitely do NOT have is a little wispy thing, I can't rock it with this kind of panache on a daily basis, so I generally leave it be.  Waxing your face is painful and can leave you with bruises if you do it wrong (allegedly - this cack-handed muppet doesn't wax anything without several glasses of wine and a panadol beforehand, so it might not, now I come to think of it, be the wax's fault ...) and bleaching is time-consuming, smelly and fraught with the dangers of mixing the chemicals yourself (is it just me, or is it simply impossible to know if you have twice as much cream as powder with that stupid little spatula you get in the pack?), so I don't bother with my facial topiary, frankly.  Life is too short for moustache-care, and fake-tanning if you ask me.

However, being a beauty blogger, particularly a beauty blogger interested in lipstick, like what I am, means you get to see your face in  EXTREME CLOSE UP very often.  You know the kind of close up where a tiny line becomes the Grand Canyon, and your pores look like craters of the moon?  Like the strongest magnifying mirror you can find, times a bajillion? Well, you don't really want to know what lip-hair looks like under those conditions, frankly ...

So, when Bliss unexpectedly sent me a tube of Fuzz Off, I was slightly bemused.  As I don't have a moustache, and bearing in mind that the aforementioned moustache I do not have is left in a state of benign neglect for approximately 50 weeks of the year, I wondered if I'd ever use it.  Then I was cropping some lipstick swatch pictures, and realised that there's no time like the present, and decided to give it a go.

It promises to work in three minutes, and to smell nice, which is about all you can ask for, really.  Oh, no chemical burns would be good too, and Fuzz Off delivers on all three counts.  It's quick, easy to use (you basically spread it on the affected area with the nifty spatula built into the tube, then remove it three minutes later with the other side of the spatula), and doesn't make you wonder who's been at the rotten eggs whilst you're about it.

However, it's £12 for a tiny 15ml tube.  I'm not sure how long it would last (although, I will say you don't need a huge amount, and, as you're getting rid of hair from the root, I don't think you'd need to use it all that often, to be honest), but that seems a bit pricey to me.  That said though, if I DID have a moustache (which I don't, remember?), then I would buy it, as the design of the tube is excellent and easy enough for even the most cack-handed of muppets to use, and it works very, very quickly.

I wouldn't, however, recommend it for extremely sensitive skins, as there's a chance of irritation, I did find my skin was a little pink after using, but this didn't last long, and hey! No moustache!

The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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  1. I don't have a moustache either, but this

    was the best couple of quid I've spent recently. Super quick and easy, less painful than waxing.

    1. Seriously, just looking at that thing has made me cry!

  2. I might have to try this. I don't have a mustache, but I do have those close up pics of my lips for blogging, and it would be nice to not have to photo shop those out of the pics. Yes. I admit I photo shop the peach fuzz out of my pictures. :-P


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