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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Mother Hair Interchangeable Straighteners

I have a lot of hair.  A LOT of hair. It's wavy and annoying, and difficult to tame when it's going off on one, so I use straighteners to help me out a lot.  The only trouble with my beloved Cloud Nines is that I only have the narrow ones, and buying a set of wide ones to go with those seems like too much trouble. Not to mention extravagant!

This is where the Mother Hair interchangeable styler comes in, as it is a professional salon-quality straightener, that comes complete with both narrow and wide plates:

The straighteners are titanium, and heat up to a whopping 230 degrees via the digital controller:

They're easy to use, the on-off switch and the heat controllers are on the top, and are difficult to get to in normal use, which is handy.  The plates are also very easy to change, you press the buttons on the side, and pull.  I recommend that you do NOT do this when they are hot though, seriously.

I find that there is a slight gap between the plates in use, meaning that they "float" a little over the hair, rather than tug on it, which is nice, but this might be a bit of a problem for people with thicker hair than mine, when you do need to build up a bit of tension to get the hair straight. For my needs (fine hair but a hell of a lot of it) though, they work just fine.

Priced at a fairly reasonable £140 for what is essentially two sets of straighteners in one, you could do a lot worse for your Christmas presents this year! 

The Fine Print: Press sample.

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  1. These look really good, I have really long and very thick hair so this would be perfect for me, I am always very sceptical of anything other than GHD's x

  2. We use these on a regular basis in my salon for the last 18 months I highly recommend they are great on all hair types the plates don't pull the clients hair which I find important.


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