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Thursday 13 December 2012

Guerlain SS13 Meteorites Perles Du Paradis


No Guerlain collection is really complete without a new set of Meteorite perles. These slightly sparkling, and highly scented (of violets), beads of colour are highly flattering in use, and I find myself reaching for my pots of them quite regularly.  They're particularly effective for the ... er ... more mature lady, as they don't leave you with too matte a finish to your maquillage.  Next season the perles have changed somewhat, in some ways for the better, and some ways for the worse, you'll see.

The box opens up to reveal the familiar Guerlain rosette, and is embossed with the company name as usual.  It's a pretty baby pink, but ... it's cardboard.  I'm not entirely happy about this, I like a bit of luxury from Guerlain, and their outstanding packaging doesn't usually disappoint, but this does.  The reason, however becomes clear when you realise that this year, Meteorites have been supersized:

Here you can see the Meteorites Perles Du Paradise alongside Perles De Nuit (from the Christmas 2011 collection) on the left, and a pot of non-limited edition Meteorites perles on the right. The pot is about a third larger in size than the regular sized tins, and contains 53g of product compared to the regular 30g.

So, let's see what's in the pot, shall we?

Have to say that I'm adoring the cute puff in the pot this time around, so much more luxurious looking than the sponges you normally get in the regular pots.  Shall we see the perles now?

This time around, they're a bit brighter than the normal pastel-shaded perles, with very definite hints of mauve and pink, lilac, rose-gold and silver.

And, I have to say that these are very sparkly indeed compared to the normal Meteorites, in fact, I'd go so far as to say they're a better body product than they are a face powder.

Here I've swatched them very heavily to show the differences in the shades, in use, when swirled with a slightly firm brush, they're actually just a slightly pink shade, which a fair amount of sparkle:

Hopefully you can see the sparkle there.  As well as having supersized the package, they've enlarged the perles too:

You can see the difference better here:

Huge, eh?

Overall, this is a bit hit and miss for me.  An extremely pretty product, with a gorgeous puff (something I've thought that Meteorites has been missing for a while, actually), let down slightly by what is, frankly, extremely cheap packaging, and has slightly too much sparkle ... Gorgeous for collectors, but a bit of a let down for serious powder users, unless you want sparkly face dandruff...  It'll cost £43 when on counter in January.

 The Fine Print: PR Sample.

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  1. I can't deal with the cardboard packaging. What are they doing? This is a luxury brand, they should be using quality packaging. How do you travel with a cardboard box that holds a significant beauty investment?

  2. Cardboard is so not worth the money now, considering this is a luxury brand we want something solid! It's not cheap at all so I would want value for my money. It does look amazing those colors.

  3. .....way to kill my lady ballz boner. (That came out wrong.)
    And I can't believe they went back to cardboard!

  4. I'm a bit disappointed they've gone back to cardboard, but I still love it, the box is gorgeous, and the pearls are just so pretty! ♥ Will definitely pick this up! Is it January yet? ;)


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