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Friday 29 June 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres or Glossy Lip Stains


I'm months behind on reviewing these, there was a lot of blog-love for these a few months ago, and, I can't deny it, I'm underwhelmed with them.  A bit.  The shades are lovely, and I adore the applicators, but ... I just can't get them to stain my lips for love nor money.

According to Twitter, it's my fault for making poor colour choices, but ... heck, I don't want to take the blame for a product not working on me, frankly! I have shades 3 (Brun Cachemire), 12 (Corail Fauve) and 5 (Rouge Vintage).

On initial application, the shades are beautiful, even the brown, which I usually find difficult to wear.  This is thanks to it's purple undertones, which you should be able to see here:

So, we have a brown, a coral, and a pinky-red.  I love the shades, and I love how they look on my lips.  Some people have reported that they're very drying, I've never particularly had that problem with them, but this is my problem with them:

Can you see the stains?  No?  Me neither.  They are there though, I promise you.  These are billed as a glossy lip stain, I get the gloss, which I love, and I adore how pigmented they are, but I find they fade unevenly, and ... well ... the stain part is just non-existent!

How did you get on with YSL glossy lipstains?

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  1. i actually really love the formula. the shade I have, Camel Croisiere, lasts for ages and does leave a stain of sorts, though the colour does change somewhat from when it's first applied. i do find i have to build up the colour a bit first though.
    I'd like to get another one though not of the other colours really appeal, except the pinky coral number 7.
    Amina x

  2. I really like these, but agree with twitter that the stain-abilty is shade dependant. I've got 5,9,12,14 & 15. I just cant get number 5 to stain on me, though I've no issues with uneven wear. I've also found the trick to a nice stain is in the application. A very thin amount left to dry creates the stain and then a 2nd thicker coat for the gloss. Yup, its a faff, but worth it. No 15 Rose Vinyl has become a handbag staple. I may even need to repurchase it soon!

  3. I have the shade 13 - Rose Tempura and it works really well for me, it lasts over 8hours and needs hardly any touch ups. I don't have any other shades to compare with but I apply it in 2 steps, one layer first and let it dry. Then a second or even third and it lasts the whole day :)

  4. I've got 5 + 12 and the best way to wear them is to layer it a bit and then they are AMAZING!! put on a thin layer and kind of rub it into your lips, let it dry. then put on another coat and let that settle for a couple of mins. do a 3rd and final coat and it will last for ages!
    I know it seems like a lot of hassle but the look afterwards is definitely worth it!!xx

  5. I have just bought 4 & 5 so I shall report back! Thinking maybe 5 was a mistake looking at your lack of staining, but we will see.....

  6. I've got 9 and 11 (I can't remember the names) and they're both lovely! I find they stain very well, but they're a red and a bright pink so they're very pigmented to start with.

  7. I bought the bright violet one, Pourpe Preview for my wedding and it was a perfect wedding lip product, as it lasted really well on me without dryness or patchiness. But I could see that I wouldn't get anywhere with most of the lighter shades as my lips are too pigmented.


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